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Double murder and suicide: ‘separation’ at the start of the Sacred Heart drama

It is a new murder of women, unfortunately another one that has been talked about in the Charleroi region in recent hours. Delphine Kulcsar, a history teacher at the middle part of the College Sacré-Coeur in Charleroi, was shot dead by her ex on Monday evening at her home in Mont-sur-Marchienne. The perpetrator, Carl Manzanares, also a member of the school choir, in Sport, later killed himself… Delphina’s new companion was also fatally shot.

The State Prosecutor’s Office in Charleroi, which confirms the information about New newspaper returned to the circumstances of this double murder followed by suicide.

©Delphine Kulcsar – DR

A difficult breakup

This Monday night, Carl made the terrible decision to take the gun he owned and go to his ex-girlfriend’s house. The couple just split up in August at Delphine’s request. A separation that, according to judicial authorities, was difficult for Carl to swallow. Once at his ex, Carl shot at Delphine and her new companion. Both people died on the spot. Each of them had children from previous unions.

On the way back to his house, where his mother also lives, Carl contacted his sister. “He warned him of what he had just done and that he intended to end his life to avoid prosecution.” , details state prosecutor’s office in Charleroi. When Carl returned home, he turned the gun on himself and fired. The detonation of the shot was heard by the mother, who alerted the emergency services and the police, but Carl was already dead.

Double murder and suicide: "department" during the creation of the drama about the Heart of God
©Carl Manzanares – DR

To be fair, unknown

Carl’s sister contacted the authorities to report the double murder her brother had committed moments before. The prosecution was apparently informed about the facts, an investigation was started to find out the exact circumstances of the facts. A medical examiner and ballistics expert were appointed.

The investigation will focus on the context of the events. Given the death of the alleged perpetrator “public action is extinguished”. Carl was not known in court. “Nothing could have foreseen such a scene of violence” the indictment confirms.

Within the Sacred Heart College in Charleroi, the shock is huge. Some of Delphine and her new companion’s children, who were hard hit by the tragedy, attend school. Tributes are pouring in on Facebook. Some former students revere Delphine’s memory.“We condemn these various deaths. There are strong emotions in the school. An exceptional psychological cell has been set up for students, but also for teachers.” explains the College of the Sacred Heart. “Teaching will be interrupted today and tomorrow. Due to the strong emotions, we have to allow time for things to flow. For now, it only concerns the middle part. For elementary schools, we are theoretically moving towards continuity of teaching. Now, if some teachers knew colleagues and were affected by their death, we will advise .”

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