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“Equality between women and men in local decision-making is at the heart of a living social democracy”: Taina Bofferding launches an information campaign on social networks in the context of the 2023 municipal elections

Equality between women and men is not only a fundamental value of Luxembourg government policy, but also the basis of social democracy in all areas of life. In recent years, significant progress has been made in the field of social affairs, education and work; only equality in political decision-making processes lags behind.

Considering the figures from the last municipal elections in 2017, they paint a rather gloomy picture in terms of equality between women and men: the share of women candidates was only 35.78% compared to the total number of candidates who presented themselves in the elections. (1,279 women and 2,296 men).

After the municipal elections in 2017, 275 women sat in municipal councils, of which 213 as councilors (compared to 576 deputies), 50 as councilors (compared to 176 deputies) and 12 as mayors (compared to 90 mayors). In recent years, as a result of various changes in the composition of councils, the representation of women in local politics has increased, but the conclusion remains that mainly men are politically active in municipalities.

There are many reasons for this observation: women are especially victims of many prejudices and stereotypes about political life, obstacles that prevent them from running in elections, and thus occupying highly responsible positions in their municipality.

Therefore, it is necessary to fight against these stereotypes and prejudices in the first place.

In this context, the Ministry for Gender Equality has launched a Facebook page as part of the “Egalitéit Liewen” campaign implemented in connection with the municipal elections on June 11, 2023: 60 videos of women testifying about their experiences and personal experiences in the exercise of their mayoral mandate will be published , mayor or member of the municipal council.

The publication of reviews will serve:

  • To generally improve the visibility of women in the decision-making process of self-government;
  • Show young women female role models;
  • Encourage more women to get involved in municipal politics;
  • Discuss emerging challenges, especially work-life balance, as well as specific solutions offered;
  • Increase the sensitivity of public opinion to the imbalance in local political decision-making.

Minister Taina Bofferding explains: “Equality between women and men in decision-making at the local level is at the heart of a living social democracy. It is therefore essential that women who are already active in politics share their lived experiences and the professional and personal satisfaction that comes from this they draw.” serve as role models and thus inspire and even motivate other potential candidates.”

Videos and other content will be gradually uploaded and made available over the next few months on the Facebook page.

Press release of the Ministry for Equality of Women and Men

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