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for 63% of residents, improving transport is a priority

In a survey about the main goals to be achieved for the metropolis of Greater Paris, the majority of the residents answered the improvement of transport.

“Transportation”. This word stands out the most when asked “when you think of the Greater Paris project, what words come to mind?”, during a recent survey by Ifop for the Chamber of Notaries of Greater Paris in partnership with La Tribune and BFM Paris Île-de-France.

The numbers also prove the feelings of many residents today: 63% of respondents consider improving traffic conditions a priority for the metropolis of Greater Paris, which represents an increase of 11 points compared to November 2014 (52%). In fact, 34% consider transport to be the first priority that the metropolis must address, more than any other area.

Perceived priorities of the metropolis of Greater Paris.
Perceived priorities of the metropolis of Greater Paris. © FIFG

On the rest of the podium, the second and third concerns of respondents are improving the quality of life of residents (57%) and measures for the benefit of the environment (37%).

On the contrary, the fight against unemployment and the reduction of local taxes seem to be less expected, as these topics are mentioned by only 19% of the inhabitants of the Greater Paris metropolis, while in 2014 it was 30% and 33%.

More metro and RER

“The development of new metro and RER lines to improve the service of certain areas” is the goal desired by the largest number of transport respondents in this new survey. 42% also consider this measure their first priority for implementation, with 67% citing it as their first or second choice.

The objectives of the Metropole du Grand Paris in terms of transport perceived as priorities.
The objectives of the Metropole du Grand Paris in terms of transport perceived as priorities. © FIFG

The lesson from this new survey is that the higher the respondent’s standard of living, the more the respondent supports the measure. Thus, we observe that 79% of people belonging to one of the “rich categories” who took part in the survey support the creation of new metro and RER lines, while only 51% are in the “poor categories”.

Reducing the cost of transport (57%), reducing the negative impact of transport on the environment (45%) and ultimately facilitating the use of a car (20%) are among the desired priorities in the Greater Paris metropolis.

Another sign that transport is important to Greater Paris residents, the change in the Paris region will be successful when “travel between work and home is reduced”, estimated 43% of respondents (26% considering it as their first choice). The podium closes with improving the safety of people and property and subsequently improving air quality (36%).

Residents are satisfied with their surroundings

On a completely different subject, this new Ifop survey also tells us that a third (31%) of Greater Paris metropolitan residents would like to “live elsewhere”. On the contrary, 69% are satisfied with the neighborhood or place where they live, which is a slightly lower number compared to 2018 (72%).

Priority expectations when it comes to real estate within Greater Paris.
Priority expectations when it comes to real estate within Greater Paris. © FIFG

It is therefore quite logical to see that “given the prospects of Greater Paris” only 37% of respondents said they wanted to leave Paris and its region. However, while residents seem to like the capital, there remains much to be desired in real estate.

56% of respondents want to see more green areas in residential areas (of which 24% put it first), but also living open to the outside (balconies, terraces…) and certified as high-quality ecological (41%).

Finally, Seine-Saint-Denis residents are the only ones in this survey who consider themselves less than 60% “satisfied” with their neighborhood (56%). In contrast, the inhabitants of Seine-et-Marne (77%), Yvelines (76%) and Hauts-de-Seine (74%) are at the top of the list.

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