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Home school: “It’s a step back in the freedom of education”, condemns Max Brisson (LR)

The law confirming respect for republican principles now establishes compulsory school attendance for all children. The President of the Republic announced this in the name of the fight against radical Islam in Les Mureaux the desire to severely restrict home education.

Therefore, from the beginning of the 2022 school year, home education becomes derogatory. Parents who want to homeschool will have to get prior permission and will no longer just file a declaration. Only four reasons can justify home education: the health or disability of the child; intensive performance of sports or artistic activities; family homelessness or a child’s specific situation motivating an educational project. UThe Decree of the State Council must specify the conditions for issuing a permit.

Interpreter reserve

When examining the text, senators fought hard against this measure. In vain, they wanted to maintain the declaratory regime of home education and strengthen controls. The senatorial right seized the constitutional council, but the elders on Friday, August 13, confirmed the tightening of the conditions of home education.

The Constitutional Council, however, states a reservation of interpretation, in which it specifies “that it will be up to the regulatory power under the control of the judge to determine the procedures for issuing authorization for family education, and up to the relevant administrative authorities to base their decisions.” decide exclusively on the basis of criteria defined by law, excluding any discrimination of any kind”.

“It is a decline in the freedom of education,” reacts the LR senator, Max Brisson. The graduate teacher says that he understands and respects the decision of the Constitutional Council, but he is worried about the effects of this measure:

“I know from experience that the administration will take a very restrictive view of homeschooling.”

For Max Brisson, “the administration will inevitably be judge and party” because “those who organize the system are asked not to determine whether or not a child can attend.” The senator from Pyrénées-Atlantiques remains connected to public schools and rightly believes that it is the state of this institution that has led to “this decline”.

“In some areas, parents are leaving public schools”

“Homeschooling has withstood all the school wars because the public school has no doubts about itself. Today we are in a period of retreat, this government has problems with diversity, this is a phenomenon that we also observe in the topic of regional languages, “explains Max Brisson.

According to him, the teaching conditions in some public institutions also justify home education. “In some areas, parents are leaving public schools. Today, many parents are afraid of this reform, “he says.

The fight against “separatism” or sectarian deviations cannot justify this measure. “During the examination of the text, the government failed to establish a link between separatism and home education,” further supports Max Brisson.

The law strengthening respect for republican principles also attacks private schools outside the contract. Centrist senator Françoise Gatel already initiated it in the Senate text left by the government to better control these facilities. This text creates a new system of administrative closure of schools that are not declared or that have not eliminated the deficiencies noted by the report. Prefects will be able to oppose the opening of non-treaty schools with the support of a “foreign state hostile to the Republic”. A law must now be passed.

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