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Lack of staff: The economy “can no longer do without mothers” and wants to support nurseries


Lack of staffThe economy “cannot do without mothers” and wants to support kindergartens

The school board wants to support parents who send their child to day care. The project is not uniform among economic organizations.

To combat the lack of staff, bosses need all parents, who therefore need to be helped to let go of their child.

Anna-Tia Buss / Tamedia

“Sustainable support aimed at significantly reducing contributions paid by parents”: this is the goal of the National Commission for Education in a bill that wants to financially support parents on the one hand, and increase the involvement of the state in the creation of new crèches. And as he notedSonntagsBlick”, support from people “who cannot be suspected of being leftists”.

Less well than elsewhere

In a statement published online, the Swiss Employers’ Union (UPS) says it welcomes the idea, “especially in the context of growing labor shortages.” According to UPS, “the economy can no longer do without the significant job potential that mothers represent.”

The bill envisages agreements between the cantons and the Confederation, which would put just over 500 million francs on the table each year. At most, UPS would like to see this amount reduced a bit. But in the spirit “yes” is clear. “The current framework conditions for reconciling family and working life are clearly insufficient in an international comparison, which is reflected in high part-time activity with often very low activity of mothers,” the union claims.

Count your money well

Enthusiasm in EconomieSuisse is not as strong, mainly for financial reasons. Recently again, Ueli Maurer criticized the parliament for spending too much, according to him. “The method of financing the measures is not clear,” also says EconomieSuisse, which reminds that to comply with the debt brake law, parliament will either have to cut spending or raise taxes. “Therefore, any additional expenses require compensation,” says the umbrella.

EconomieSuisse sets the criterion for the success of the bill. If the purpose of the measure is to support the labor market, then the funds must be allocated to working parents. “In order to guarantee a real impact on the lack of labor force, it would be necessary, for example, to require a minimum level of activity that would be ensured by both parents. If we do not combine subsidies with professional activity, we spend a lot of money without guaranteeing the effectiveness of the measure,” the opinion reads. In addition, EconomieSuisse believes that the support of crèches, federalism obliges, is primarily a matter for the cantons.


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