Miraoui explains the details of the new academic year

The total number of students enrolled for the 2022-2023 academic year reached 1,238,000, an increase of 5.97% compared to last year, Minister of Higher Education, Scientific Research and Innovation Abdellatif Miraoui said in Rabat on Tuesday.

At a press conference marking the start of the 2022-2023 academic year, Miraoui emphasized that this increase includes students in open-access institutions, a trend that the minister says reflects the quality of bachelor’s degrees obtained, as well as the number of students in limited-access institutions in accordance with requirements of education reform.

He also highlighted the increase in the admission capacity of universities by approximately 20,000 new places in the current academic year, mainly thanks to expansion projects implemented at many universities.

In connection with recruitments, the minister stated that they also recorded a significant increase, with the creation of 2,349 new budget positions according to the Finance Act for 2023, while in this context he pointed to the definitive abolition of conversion positions and the creation of nationwide employment. in order to create a recruitment system based on merit, transparency and fairness.

In addition, the minister mentioned the creation of three new university residences, one public and two in partnership with the private sector, with a projected increase of 2,023 beds.

Regarding scholarships for higher education, Miraoui announced the registration of more than 224,000 applications through the “Minhaty” platform, stressing that the number of scholarship recipients will be determined by a joint decision with the Ministry of Economy and Finance based on drawn lists. regional commissions.

As part of consultations between the supervisory department and national economic institutions and offices, the minister welcomed the creation of new educational courses in response to the needs of the national economic situation.

In connection with the promotion of academic excellence, the minister emphasized that the current beginning of the school year will be marked by the launch of new courses in the English language, including 10 new bachelor’s, 7 master’s and doctorate degrees in medicine, in addition to the 21st diploma at private and partner universities, since in this academic more than 12,000 students complete the English language module annually.

The minister also mentioned the launch of a new medical education course for a period of six years instead of seven years, which could increase the number of graduates from the Faculty of Medicine, the Faculty of Pharmacy and Dental Medicine in 2026 in order to better support the royal project to generalize social coverage.

In order to support scientific research and innovation, the minister announced the creation in 2023 of three national thematic research institutes that will respond to national development priorities in the areas of health, water and intelligence. million dirhams to support scientific research activities and increase the number of scholarships awarded to support the mobility of doctoral students to reach 1,300 scholarships, in addition to publishing more than 14,000 articles by scientists in international journals by the end of 2023.

In order to support the process of global reform of the system of higher education and scientific research, Miraoui confirmed that his department will work this academic year on the release of a set of legislative and regulatory texts, including the draft statute of the teacher-researcher body.

This academic year will mark the launch of the implementation of the Plan to Accelerate the Transformation of the Ecosystem of Higher Education, Scientific Research and Innovation (ESRI 2030 PACTE) and the activation of a new engineering strategy to mobilize all stakeholders to prepare a highly qualified generation to face current and future challenges and be able to provide intelligent solutions capable of contributing to the socio-economic development of the country.

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