“no place in the master”, Rose and Sana sent to college more than 900 km from home

Their names are Rose and Sana. Both students from Lyon received their license last June. One in psychology, the other in law. However, to date they cannot return to the University of Lyon 2, there is no place for them in the Master’s program at this university.

Rose Dubs and Sana Madrane entered higher education with great motivation. Despite the difficulties they encountered, they do not have to be ashamed of their studies. Sana averaged 11 and Rose 14.5 at the end of the licence, earning him a “Good” mention.

They therefore do not understand why they are today rejected for admission to a master’s degree at the University of Lyon2. They consider themselves victims of the selection system, which they say is arbitrary. And also feel a lot of contempt in the responses of the university.

Despite an appeal to the rectorate, the University of Lyon 2 offers them reorientation to other licenses : the risk for her is considerable: to lose a year in her university career. They are also advised to go to other universities very far from their homes, such as Brest. Brest is 975 km from Lyon: how to cope with this move and change of life?

They can also sign up for much more expensive training. Solutions they reject because they are all beyond their financial means.

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Faced with an administration insensitive to their arguments, Rose and Sana joined the collective “Sans facs” supported by the student unions UNEF and Solidaires. Across France, several hundred students, several dozen in Lyon, have come forward to express their orientation problems. The mobilizations that succeeded last year solved the orientation difficulties of several hundred students. But according to the unions, these blockades in orientation in 2020 affected more than 9,000 students. The government and university presidents are therefore being called on for quick solutions to create more places for the most sought-after masters.

This problem of choice when entering a master’s degree is known and recognized by university officials. Presidency of the University of Lyon 2 like Sylvie Retailleau, Minister of Universities, who is traveling to Lyon on September 2, 2022, acknowledge the reality of gridlocked situations.

But in Lyon 2 we only claim that we manage the lack of funds of the university. Several dozen places would be missing, especially in Lyon in the most desirable fields such as law and psychology. That is, an additional budget to handle the increase in the number of students.

On the part of the minister, it is not a question of increasing resources. The project is supposed to change the selection system in order to improve the orientation of all students entering master’s studies. Next year, a kind of platform could be created to prevent master’s places from becoming vacant at some universities when other institutions reject students.

I’m not sure if that kind of platform puts students at ease on the floor today. No more so than the unions, who are hoping their level of mobilization will sway university bosses as much as the government within weeks.

In the hope of getting the training of their choice, they joined the “Sans Fac” collective demonstrating outside Lyon 2 University this morning.

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