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The recently established Youth Council in Geneva wants the voice of young people to resonate in the canton’s political bodies. These 24 university students, apprentices, college students or cycling students aged 14 to 21 decided to get involved to voice their opinion on topics that are important to them.

Young people vote in Geneva. A relatively new body, the Geneva Youth Council (CJGE), wants to bring the voice of young people to the political bodies of the canton. It is made up of 24 university students, apprentices, college students or cycling students aged 14 to 21 who have chosen to get involved to express their views on topics that are important to them. And there are many challenges ahead. Théo Cancela, President of the Geneva Youth Council.

CJGE members therefore divided the work into nine groups dealing with ecology, childhood, mobility, culture, education, health, gender, economy and public safety. Naila Sahbane is a member of the Commission for Ecology, she explains to us why she joined the Geneva Youth Council.

The main interests of these young people include mobility and transport. University student Margaux believes that public transport, especially in rural areas, is not sufficiently developed. Another central theme: health. It lacks prevention of suicide or self-harm, noted Luca, also a university student. The 24 members of the Geneva Youth Council, who presented themselves to journalists on Monday, were appointed by the State Council for a two-year term. The commitment is considerable in terms of time, as there are plenary sessions every three to four weeks, as well as thematic committee meetings.


The principle of this advisory body was voted by the Great Council in 2019. It took several months to set up: the opening session took place last March. Since then, young people have not been abandoned, they are helped by the School and Sports, Art and Civic Department. In particular, he must ensure that their claims do not remain dead. Listen to Nadia Keckeis, director of the department for schools and sports, arts, citizenship.

Since then, the work has been distributed. The young people were already able to decide on the broad consultation requested by the Council of State on the prospects of Geneva in 2050. In particular, they imagined an ideal school that offers a large place for vegetation with vegetable gardens, green facades and a pond. .

They also managed to design the shape of Carl-Vogt boulevard in 2050. Vehicles no longer find their place there in favor of a large street intended for pedestrians and soft mobility. The cable car allows for quick movement. Other issues integrated into this vision: energy independence and food autonomy.


Some CJGE members are already active in political parties. However, they will not specify which ones, because CJGE is apolitical. “The goal is to move things forward for our future,” declared Théo Cancela, president of CJGE.

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