Rejection of the old high school diploma at the university: “nothing prohibits registration, you just have to be patient” (Miraoui)

Can a person enroll in a university with an old high school diploma? This question is asked every academic year. This time, the topic takes on a special dimension, fueled by the hashtag #الباكالوريا_لا_تموت (“the baccalaureate will not die”), launched by university professor Omar Cherkaoui.

Deputies took up the topic by questioning the Minister of Higher Education through written questions. Abdellatif Miraoui, who was contacted by Médias24, explains that it is not a matter of rejecting old graduates, but of giving preference to new diploma holders. “You just have to be patient,” says the minister and elaborates registrations will take place in the coming weeks.

Omar Cherkaoui, for his part, condemns to our editorial office the “rejection” of applications for the registration of holders of so-called “old” high school diplomas by universities and defends the right to access to education for all. “Tens of thousands of holders of high school diplomas from different years are deprived of their constitutional right, which is easy access to education,” this academic regrets.

“No legal prohibition, only excuses”

“This right is guaranteed by the Constitution in its Article 31, according to which public authorities are obliged to facilitate access to education for all. legally the high school diploma does not have an expiration date. It is a national diploma, recognized internationally and whose validity will not expire,” continues Omar Cherkaoui.

According to him, “without a legal ban, there are only pretexts related to admission capacity of universities. And these pretexts cannot be enough to exclude the constitutional right, especially since other forms can be resorted to that guarantee this right, such as distance courses and examinations. The main thing is to give these young people a chance again and prevent them from falling into delinquency or unemployment”.

In fact, Abdellatif Miraoui considers the alternative of distance learning courses possible “but not for this year”. We will have to wait until the next academic year to introduce this option, explains the minister, who also reminds that this subject is not new, the question is asked “in every academic year”.

The topic is addressed by deputies (PI and PPS).

Khadija Ezzoumi (PI) and Rachid Hammouni (PPS) each addressed a written question to the Minister of Higher Education about the measures to be taken to solve this problem and to open the way for “all those who want to continue their studies at university without a recent graduate”, as the MP points out .

In the same opinion, the leader of the PPS parliamentary club believes that “other solutions” must be introduced to overcome the problem of limited reception capacity. In particular, he suggests the use of “innovative solutions” such as distance learning.

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