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PhD students at the University of Omar Bong (UOB) are fed up with the situation they have been experiencing for several months. In an open letter on September 5, the heads of state were asked about the “package request” of the Gabonese National Stock Exchange (ANBG) decree no. 00148/PR/MERSTTENFC of 7 June 2021 establishing scholarship schemes. in the Republic of Gabon. Which, they say, amounts to a conspiracy against the moral integrity of Ali Bong by actions masquerading as “election promises”, his redemptive commitments to the Gabonese youth. Below we present the entire open letter of the group of doctoral students to the President of the Republic.

President of the Republic Ali Bongo Ondimba challenged by students applying for PhD at UOB. © Com. presidential

Your Excellency the President of the Republic,

The immense privilege of writing to you does not hide our enthusiasm in the idea that the decisive act of repairing the damage suffered by Gabonese students in general, especially PhD students, is fully expected of you. It will also become apparent to you, Mr. President, that in this epistolary enterprise we are motivated by nothing less than concern for your prestige, as well as for the prestige of the institutions of the Republic threatened by a serious crime that may be committed without your knowledge. We have agreed to retreat because we believe that the information has not yet reached you and we will want to do everything we can to keep it from you, avoid you, and discreetly put it in the drawers of oblivion. after exhausting all legal procedures to be heard on this initiative.

The fact is, Your Excellency, that the representatives of the National Stock Exchange of Gabon (ANBG) have deliberately decided not to fully implement Decree No. 00148 / PR / MERSTTENFC of June 7, 2021 establishing studies of the stock market in the Republic of Gabon , which includes innovative reforms of your social policy, proof of your commitment to educate the young people you value so much. They tried to apply it to students’ expenses.

Despite the numerous attempts and gradual steps that have been taken over the last two months with the government and the General Secretariat of the Presidency of the Republic, which in addition recognized the legitimacy and legality of our demands, we barely managed to obtain from the leaders of the ANBG a guarantee of compensation for the damages that we condemn.

This forest justice situation has also reached the peak of its abnormality, which is also confirmed by the ANBG representatives’ categorical refusal to apply this decree, which nevertheless entered into force from the academic year 2021-2022, according to the provisions of its article. 31 under the pretext that the application of the aforementioned decree would lead to a budget deficit. The best hope, therefore, which motivates us to condemn this manifest violation of the law, moves us to believe that as soon as you are informed of the situation, you will not delay in remedying it, and will exercise your authority in the matter.

Dear Mr. President of the Republic, the situation that we condemn is of such fundamental importance that the committed crime gradually represents a serious attack on the sovereignty and respectability of the highest institutions of the state, of which you are the guarantor.

Above all, the pretense, or better put, the running of a budget deficit supported (wrongfully) by agency officials to clumsily shirk their duty, appears to be a pretended questioning of the competence of political forecasting to determine your government’s course of action. .

Then it marks an intolerable insult to the institutions responsible for reviewing the decree before its publication in the Official Gazette no. 118 of June 10, 2021. What would amount to the assumption that all the intelligence mobilized during the work of the Feasibility Study Commission (investigation on the application of this decree), especially the two chambers of the Parliament, would be hit with the seal of chronic failure associated with negligence of character. These institutions would therefore, according to this argument, be reduced to associations of incompetent intellectuals or, trivially speaking, associations of the incompetent. What sacrilege it would be to dare to make such an assumption!

Finally, the illegal act committed by the leaders of the ANBG, which they fearlessly acknowledged, undermines your authority and threatens your fame by making a mockery of the reform you hoped to place at the center of your social policy.

We therefore condemn, Mr. Head of State, the conspiracy of the representatives of the Gabonese National Stock Exchange, which, if you do not take care of the timely suppression of the evil, risks damaging the prestige of your second seven-year term, however dedicated to the youth;

We condemn an ​​even greater conspiracy, hatched against the highest institutions of the state, whose sovereignty is henceforth governed at will by an authority to which the law grants only the role of operationalization, i.e. execution;

We condemn the contempt for the quality of the rule of law of our dear nation by the leaders of the ANBG who are absolving themselves of the law by allowing themselves unplanned encroachments on discretionary power beyond the prerogatives vested in them. the law;

We condemn their desire to create a harmful social climate by pushing students to their limits and awakening new instincts;

Finally, we condemn the conspiracy against your moral integrity by acts that mask your salutary commitments to the youth of your country, which is so dear to you;

We firmly believe that the high regard in which you hold the question of the training of your young countrymen will be able to influence your noblest feelings in our cause.

In this warm expectation, please, with our respect, Your Excellency the President of the Republic, accept our esteemed greeting.

For the collective of doctoral students

Scheldon B. Ngoulou Ngavouka

General coordinator of the doctoral students’ reflection circle/UOB

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