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Schooltopia, a tutoring concept that allows matching with mathematics

For several years, observers of French education have noticed a growing lack of interest in some subjects taught in schools, especially mathematics. France is even in last place in Europe in this discipline. And this despite the changes made by various ministers of national education.

Although there are French people who love mathematics, more and more of them are moving away from it. In 2021, after the implementation of the secondary school and baccalaureate reform, only 59% of final year students received a math education… instead of 90% before. Something that worries parents who would like their offspring to pursue scientific studies.

Based on the principle that the joy of learning leads to academic success, a young entrepreneur from Strasbourg, Leila ANCELIN, created the startup “Schooltopia”: a fun online school that immerses teenagers in a fun story and helps them understand mathematics in a different way. ” With interactive stories, different characters and challenges to overcome, the student stays motivated and constantly learning. With Schooltopia, kids learn and have fun at the same time ” explains the designer.

Learning while having fun, without losing the seriousness of the taught subjects, is the principle of this digital method, which contributes to the development of children and adolescents.

Lack of student engagement and boredom are often significant obstacles for teachers to overcome “, continues Leila ANCELIN. ” To remedy this, Schooltopia manages to engage students through storytelling, interaction and gamification so that teaching is no longer a source of stress, but a real way to flourish. “. And it is a small robot called “Toshi” who plays the role of a teacher and, thanks to his jokes, makes it possible to engage the student and make him understand the concepts that he tries to assimilate in college or high school. The characters used for this educational platform were not chosen at random: their characteristics and attitudes correspond to the codes that children and adolescents use on a daily basis.

“Thanks to the variety of characters and the variety of stories, the teenager enjoys learning”

Schooltopia, a real playful learning support platform, includes cross-curricular skills that a student must master: reading, understanding history, math lessons, etc. All the adventures have been designed according to the level of difficulty, so that each student can go at his own pace to get the necessary basics. With progressive levels of difficulty, each path is personalized and encourages the child to try to solve its content. ” Thanks to the variety of characters and the variety of stories, the teenager enjoys learning adds the young entrepreneur.

All stories on the platform are prepared by teachers and all courses are based on national education programs. There is also content specifically designed to make learning easier for students with dyslexia. A former science teacher herself, Leila ANCELIN taught at home for 10 years

Currently, only math courses from 6th to 3rd grade are offered on the platform. But more courses will follow in the coming months. The official program is available in the form of episodes, each containing 1 story, 2 lessons, 4 exercises and 2 MCQs. Each lesson is also downloadable in PDF format.

It is already possible to test 3 complete episodes for free and without obligation by registering on the Schooltopia website. An annual subscription is offered at a price of €99 for the first 100 subscribers, €119 for the following and €149 in September. By pre-ordering before the end of the summer, users will get access to already released episodes and others at a bargain price.

Schooltopia is compatible with Mac, PC, Android and iOS and can be viewed on all types of media: desktop, tablet and phone.

Founded in 2021, the startup Schooltopia is backed by LDE, the leading retailer of paper and digital school books in France, as well as the SEMIA incubator in Strasbourg. Funded by the Grand Est region and La French Tech, the startup has already received the “French Tech Seed” label and received an initial fundraising of €220,000 in March 2022.

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