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The Mawaka children’s cooking school opens in Gasperich

It is the first of its kind in Luxembourg: while cooking classes are not yet as full in the Grand Duchy as in some metropolises, the founder Mawaka – Kannerkachschoul, Joëlle Hinger takes the lead and launches her culinary school for juniors in the capital. The facility, which aims to “enable children to spend very enjoyable moments of relaxation, fun and creativity doing an activity they love”, was enthusiastically inaugurated on Saturday 17 September in the presence of Minister for Families and Inclusion Corinne Cahen (DP ) as well as Cathy Fayot and Christa Brömmel from the Luxembourg City Council.

Innovative and creative concept

It all started during the first confinement linked to the Covid-19 pandemic in 2020. Joëlle Hinger, a teacher at the time, created a culinary blog for children: “MAmma WAt KAche mer haut?” – which can be translated as “Mommy, what are we cooking today?” – and which will give the cooking school its name.

The blog very quickly met with a certain success among families, and Joëlle Hinger decided to continue its boom with pastry boxes, then with a cooking school project for children. “Cooking and baking are enriching activities that allow children to develop their independence and creativity and, consequently, their self-confidence. They also enable you to learn new vocabulary, do basic taste education, develop new knowledge and manage eating healthier, more balanced and more diversified. Only benefits!” explains the founder of Mawaka.

After its official inauguration, Mawaka offers creative and educational courses that can be booked through an online calendar.

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Basics and formula adapted for the little ones

Before going to the stove, Mawaka school courses cover the basic elements of cooking: choosing fresh seasonal produce, cleaning fruits and vegetables, cleaning and storing kitchen and utensils… All with the aim of producing gourmet recipes, tasted step by step, suitable for little gourmands from 3 to 15 years old, in safety and hygiene conditions approved by the Ministry of Health. “Pre-checking for allergies, adapted equipment, learning good manners, especially in the cooking areas, using aprons… Everything is thought out and planned so that young foodies learn to cook and bake in a completely safe and fun way,” concludes Joëlle Hinger.

Courses can be booked now via the online calendar and from time to time special workshops will be organized for the main holidays of the year such as Halloween, St Nicholas or Easter.

Mawaka – Kannerkachschoul: 1, rue Léopold Hoffmann, Luxembourg (Gasperich), T. 621.612.331,

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