a small campus on a human scale where it is good to study

The little brother of the University of Bordeaux in the Dordogne, the Périgueux campus continues to develop without losing its identity. A “family” and friendly campus where students enjoy a more intimate living and learning environment that allows for excellent success

Campus Périgord, which was created in 2011, has nothing to do with sprawling university towns stuck to metropolises. It is a small university center that you hardly notice, nestled in the green, not far from the center of Périgueux.

There are 3 specializations from the University of Bordeaux, a health professions sector dependent on the hospital center in Périgueux and an infrastructure equipped for linked training that allows you to do distance training without the inconvenience of uprooting and expatriating in dehumanized university towns.

The courses of 60 teachers and pedagogues-researchers are attended by 1,500 students with an average age of 21, mainly from the surrounding area. 120 external speakers and experts bring their experience, and the campus cooperates with 30 foreign universities.

It is possible to prepare there 4 university bachelors of technology, 3 professional licenses, 2 general licenses, the MEEF master’s degree, issued by the National Higher Institute of Pedagogy and Education and the University Institute of Technology, as well as the formation of nursing care in three years. , training as a nurse’s assistant in ten months or as an ambulance driver, as well as a pathway to study health (PASS/LAS).

The Institute for Training in Health Professions at the Center Hospitalier de Périgueux offers nursing training, further training for nursing assistants and most recently, as of this year, ambulance driver training.

The nursing assistant training program is very similar to the paramedic program with many skills in common, which allows us to combine the two courses. And for the nanny training, there will be a second training in January, for which interested parties can already start applying.

Christine Estiève, Director of the Institute for Education in the Health Professions

If you are in your final year and want to study health, PASS is a specific access route to health that can join another discipline. LAS is a general license with medical access option.

The Institut Droit Économie de Périgueux offers from September 1, 2022 a new professional degree in Notarial professions in work study and a professionalization contract.

Note that the opening Professional license “Commercialization of food products” from the beginning of the academic year 2022 in partnership with IFRIA.

From the beginning of the 2021 academic year, the Campus Connected distance education system is also located on the campus. DDedicated spaces and tutors allow you to take distance learning courses near you, guaranteeing the same recognition and degree quality as on-campus. No less than 2,000 training courses are available.

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The Périgord campus wants to be ecologically responsible, students and teachers are involved as “eco-actors” of sustainable development by improving campus spaces. A growing site with 2,900 m2, which is being renovated/renovated and another 1,300 m2 will be built. Development for sure, but not megalomania, Périgueux wants to keep its soul.

Our goal is not necessarily to be the biggest, we stick to something that remains relevant to the territory. And overall, especially in areas like this, the Périgord campus has to meet specific needs

Sébastien Martin, coordinator of Campus Périgord University of Bordeaux

France 3 Périgords Report – Vanessa Fize & Camille Michelland

Campus Périgord
Roundabout Suzanne Noel
CS 21 201
24019 Perigueux CEDEX

Phone: 05 53 02 58 93


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