Abdou Moumouni University: violent clashes between students left several injured

Violent clashes between students on the night of Tuesday, September 20 to Wednesday, September 21, 2022 at the Abdou Moumouni University campus in Niamey left several injured. Sadly, a second-year philosophy student who was ill and whose evacuation to the medical services was blocked by one of the alleged attackers died on arrival at the hospital because he could not be evacuated in time. The events took place around 1:00 AM this Wednesday, September 21, 2022.


According to the Deputy Secretary General of the Executive Committee of UENUN (Union of Nigerian Students of the University of Niamey), who was questioned by ActuNiger this morning, the raid is the work of elements of the former Commission on Social Affairs and Order (CASO). outgoing UENUN Executive Committee.

He would attack, he explained, the new members of the said CASO in the name of the candidate they supported in the last elections organized at the University of Niamey in the name of UENUN, the candidate who was defeated at their expense. he presented himself as close to the former management team.

“They came with bows, arrows, knives, antelope horns, machetes, sticks, accompanied by spectators from all the streets of Niamey, to commit this crime, the main objective of which is to destabilize the current executive committee,” declared the deputy general secretary of UENUN. , Salau Abdouramane.

“Fortunately, CASO and other students were able to catch some of the assailants and then hand them over to the police. We are currently initiating all legal procedures to prevent such behavior and will make the accomplices, authors and co-authors available to the competent services,” he added.

Unfortunately, the deputy general secretary of the UENUN executive committee regretted that there were a large number of injuries and one death of a second-year philosophy student whose transport was blocked by one of the suspected mercenaries and who died on arrival at the hospital because he could not be evacuated quickly.

For the sake of balance and fairness, we made several attempts to contact the offending party to get their version of the facts, but all our attempts were in vain.

Younoussi Abdouramane, the former Secretary General of the UENUN Executive Committee, through a post on his Facebook account, called for unity among the various stakeholders.

“To my young brothers of UENUN, remember that the motto of our beautiful organization is unity, struggle, victory. Without unity, there will be no fight, let alone victory. As leaders, it is your responsibility to unite. For those waiting for guidance, what you do today will be your experience tomorrow. Talk before it’s too late,” he said.

As a reminder, the current UENUN Executive Committee under the leadership of Bakin Batouré Almoustapha was officially installed on July 21, 2022, exactly 3 months ago today. During the elections held on June 13, the tandem led by Bakin Batouré Almoustapha, who currently heads UENUN, defeated Kadri Hassane dit Hegel, although he was supported by the then management team headed by Hachima Mahamada.

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