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Digital security training and awareness: a strategic challenge for ANSSI

The observation has been shared for several years: there is a severe shortage of professionals in the world of digital security, and yet cyber security is the sector of the future!

As the national authority for information systems security, ANSSI, through its Center for Information Systems Security Training (CFSSI), has established systems to stimulate, encourage and recognize initiatives to develop information systems security training.

The aim of the ANSSI brands – and in a broader sense the whole of the agency’s training offer – is to guide companies in their recruitment policy, to support training providers and to encourage students or employees undergoing retraining.

More precisely, ANSSI launched the SecNumedu initiative in 2017, which certifies university courses specializing in cyber security when they meet the charter and criteria defined in collaboration with actors and experts in the field. There are currently 47 certified initial education courses located throughout the territory. The SecNumedu-FC designation focuses on short continuous training. It has already made it possible to mark 30 educational courses.

The Training Center for the Security of Information Systems (CFSSI) ANSSI also offers training provided by a large number of its experts for the benefit of civil servants, OIV and OSE, in the form of short courses and a long cycle to obtain the title of expert in information systems. security (ESSI).

Give everyone the opportunity to learn about digital security

Cyber ​​threats, which are highly correlated with the digitization of our societies, have an increasing impact on our lives. It is therefore essential to train as many citizens as possible in cyber security issues.

ANSSI has launched an ambitious program to raise awareness through its first online MOOC course, SecNumacademie, so that everyone can become an actor in their digital security.

Students, employees, business leaders or individuals: SecNumacadémie ANSSI’s MOOC adapts to the needs of a diverse audience, non-experts, by offering fun learning content that can be accessed at any time for free.

In 3 years, more than 250,000 people have already registered for the MOOC to learn about cyber security or to deepen their knowledge so that they can effectively act on the security of their information systems (ISS).

Acculturation from school to cyber security issues

Last but not least, it is essential to integrate the basics of computer security from an early age – first at school. Since April 2019, ANSSI and the Ministry of National Education, Youth and Sports (MENJS) have joined forces with a common goal: to work on the best possible education of young people in cyber security issues and to promote careers in this field.

ANSSI thus contributed with the PIX online public service to the creation of a benchmark of skills in the field of cyber security. Remember that PIX certification is now mandatory for all 3e and Terminale students.

The agency has also created a kit to help create cyber security games for middle and high school teachers and students. This CyberEnJeux kit, designed by the innovation laboratory ANSSI and the innovation laboratory 110 bis of the Ministry of National Education, has already enabled more than 300 students to adapt to the field of cyber security. During the first experiment conducted between October 2021 and January 2022.

Finally, this integration of computer security fundamentals can also take place within higher education. This is precisely the goal of the CyberEdu association, which aims to offer educational content and resources for non-cybersecurity undergraduates in computer science to increase their students’ awareness of the field and integrate computer security courses. , in his university course.

Cyber ​​​​​​Campus, a springboard for the unification of energies in the service of training on the ISS

To promote French excellence in cyber security, it is necessary to unite the talents and players in the sector in a common place around the same values: sharing, excellence and trust. All stakeholders are aware of this. In support of this virtuous dynamic, the Cyber​​​​Campus will soon establish a Training Center for Information Systems Security (CFSSI), a cyber security totem where major national and international players in the field meet.

Integration on campus will contribute to strengthening the development of partnerships with entities present on campus, support synergies between public actors, schools, companies and research laboratories with the aim of strengthening the upgrading of ecosystem qualifications, support professions in the sector that are in high demand and attract the talents of tomorrow. ANSSI will use all its expertise and experience, which is the result of work carried out for more than 10 years in cooperation with all players in the sector.

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