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How to learn (better) to manage your budget, bank accounts or credits

When offering a loan or investment, but also in the case of a financial package for the acquisition of real estate, it is essential to have certain benchmarks in order to better understand the opportunities and risks. However, according to Banque de France surveys from 2021, 69% of citizens consider their knowledge of financial matters to be average or low.

Fortunately, countless informational sites now make it possible to fill in these gaps. But you still need to know which ones are reliable! We made a small selection…

Playful, reliable and educational portals

For practical advice on your budget, the management of your bank accounts or your credits, you can contact LesKEYSDELABANQUE without fear. This portal, set up by the French Banking Federation, alternates texts and videos in formats that are always very accessible. It also offers handy mini-guides, sample worksheets and online calculators. There are two entrances to the platform: one for individuals and the other for entrepreneurs.

Another important site: Lafinancepoutous uses a less playful presentation, but equally educational content about money and finance. This portal is the portal of the Institute for Public Financial Education (IEFP), a state-sanctioned public interest association. All questions related to banks, loans, investments, but also real estate, insurance or taxes and even pension are popularized here.

The platform informs about everything related to the budget, investments, insurance, banks, pensions, financial worries and scams – iStock / City Presse

The Banque de France has established a public information portal, Mesquestionsdargent, as part of a national strategy for financial education for citizens. Content-rich and fun, this platform multiplies the formats of everything related to budgeting, investing, insurance, banking, retirement, financial worries and scams. The icing on the cake: the articles link to other reliable sites to complete your documentation!

Less specialized but equally reliable,, the portal of the National Consumer Institute, offers a “Bank/Money” section among countless daily topics. Between practice sheets, simulators, standard letters, podcasts and guides, information is just a click away!

Finally, the Autorité des marchés financiers (AMF) issues many advices and warnings for savers regarding investments on, while, a platform created by all financial players, deciphers the worlds of banking, insurance and savings.

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