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Jean Boulet: for a better quality of life for the most vulnerable seniors

National elections will take place on October 3. L’Hebdo Journal met with the candidates in the Trois-Rivières riding to learn more about their priorities. Introducing Jean Boulet, Coalition Avenir Québec (CAQ) candidate and outgoing MP.

The first mandate of MP Jean Boulet was not easy. He served as Minister of Employment, Labor and Solidarity, Minister of Immigration, Franciscanization and Integration and Minister responsible for the Mauritian region. But he insists: his most important title was that of representative for Trois-Rivières.

“I have a deep affection for Trois-Rivières and its people. My children were born here, I know the streets, the schools, the neighborhoods, the people who live there. My involvement in Centraide a few years ago was also formative. I realized the challenges that need to be faced on a human and social level. I wanted to contribute in a different way to changing things,” explains Mr. Boulet.

If there is a common thread in its various ramifications over the years, it would be accompaniment. And it is in this sense that he sees the rest of his political life, if he is re-elected on October 3: to support businesses, municipalities and interested parties from different backgrounds in the implementation of different projects.

Caring for more vulnerable seniors

P. Boulet wants the improvement of the quality of life of the most vulnerable seniors to become the number one priority after the regional elections. “It affects me when I hear what people go through on a daily basis. This will be my top priority, says the outgoing MP. CAQ proposes several ideas in this regard, such as investing 900 million dollars to support seniors at home and delay the loss of autonomy. There is an annual benefit of $2,000 for people aged 70 and over, as well as the option to decide whether or not to contribute to the Régie des rentes du Québec if you return to work after age 65,” the candidate specifically mentions.

“The issue of affordable housing for seniors is also very important in Trois-Rivières,” he continues. In particular, it is a project in Kermaria with the city of Trois-Rivières that will enable the remodeling and creation of 69 affordable rentals for seniors. I intend to support the implementation of this project. »

The Carpe Diem – Alzheimer Resource Center multigenerational neighborhood project would also benefit the quality of life of Trois-Rivières residents, believes Jean Boulet, who also underlines the project’s innovativeness.

From labor shortages to culture

Labor shortages are also a problem Jean Boulet wants to tackle if he is re-elected on October 3. During his tenure as Minister of Employment, Labor and Solidarity, he also announced the implementation of various measures to address this problem, including short training programs and initiatives to retrain workers.

For Mr. Boulet, the solution includes supporting companies to help them make a digital and technological shift, which will also help improve their productivity.

“We must also continue measures for training and retraining of workers. I want Quebec to become a learning society. We all have to contribute to increasing the level of knowledge and literacy. We also need to ensure that education meets the needs of the market,” he says.

For CAQ, economic immigration is also part of the solution. The candidate in the riding of Trois-Rivières also mentions that we need to continue efforts to integrate and retain employment for people with disabilities, people with criminal records, experienced workers, women in the construction sector, First Nations people and financial support for businesses. which are to reorganize their work environment to meet the needs of experienced people.

The plan also includes a reception office to welcome immigrants and connect with businesses in collaboration with Innovation and Economic Development Trois-Rivières.

Regarding the green economy, Jean Boulet wants to support projects that will emerge from the Valley of Energy Transition, which includes in particular the cities of Trois-Rivières, Bécancour and Shawinigan and several educational institutions to achieve carbon neutrality by 2050. The future pavilion of the University of Quebec in Trois- Rivières in the city center will also enable research and development in the area while helping to revitalize the city center, he notes.

Jean Boulet’s priority is also the preservation of cultural and museum institutions. It intends to support the POP museum in a project to preserve the Robert-Lionel-Séguin collection and to preserve and promote the Ursuline convent recently acquired by the city of Trois-Rivières.

“Through my role as a minister, I have acquired cross-functional skills on Québec issues. The pandemic has also improved my understanding of Quebec society. The Quebec government plays a role in people’s daily lives, Mr. Boulet points out. If you care about your portfolio, the quality of education and the enrichment of Quebecers, among other things, you must go vote. It is essential to influence the direction of the government. It should not be taken lightly. Every vote really counts and can affect the outcome of the election campaign. We all have an interest in life, which must turn into an imperative to vote. »

Message to voters

I want to congratulate people for getting through this difficult time we’ve been through and I want to bring a message of hope, to believe in our potential. Let’s trust each other. I believe in people and I don’t want voters to evaluate me only by what I have done, but also by what I will do, by my priorities. I think I am an empathetic and dedicated person. The CAQ is a coalition, centrist, balanced and pragmatic party that is interested in the everyday and evolving interests of Quebec society.

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