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In the digital age, in addition to facing increasingly complex challenges in the field of education, there are also many issues to consider in order to properly prepare students for the demands of the 21st century. More than ever, there is a need to connect with actors and actresses who have a deep desire to positively impact today’s school by advocating for effective and sustainable solutions that will have a real impact on tomorrow’s society. One of these issues is the mobilization of digital technologies in education, the first step to developing their digital skills.

Whether you are a leader in a position of authority or not, this training is for anyone who wants to create an intentional leadership position from a digital perspective to initiate innovation and change in education.

Explorer level

level Explorer aims to create the foundations for performing the role of a leader in education in the digital age. This level also emphasizes the place of educational technology in the 21st century and the impact it can have on learners from all walks of life in a variety of contexts.

The Explorer level focuses on the following questions:

What is pedagogical leadership?
What are the digital challenges in education?
As a result, what type of leader would you like to be in order to positively impact your environment?

Architect level

level an architect intended for deepenunderstanding the principles and challenges of digital technologies addressed at the Explorer level, as well as continuing to reflect on the development of intentional leadership with diverse actors and actresses in the school environment.

During this training, you will need to ask yourself what role you want to play with the teaching staff in your setting.

Training Digital pedagogical guidance offers an in-depth reflection on various leadership challenges in the digital age, more specifically:

  • Educational leadership models;
  • leadership abilities and skills of 21st century students;
  • the place of digital technologies in education;
  • digital issues;
  • a leadership role that any actor or actress can play to make a real impact on their environment.

Virtuoso level

level Virtuoso intended for recognize educational leaders who demonstrate diverse implementation of their leadership.

Innovator level

On the level Innovatoryour challenge is to demonstrate your active participation in supporting the various players in your professional community towards developing an intentional leadership position.

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