Online Education

Studi is becoming the new leader in online training

An e-learning specialist for twenty years, Studi is a digital pioneer. The edtech division of Galileo Global Education, Studi employs 750 people, 700 freelance teachers and trains approximately 70,000 students with state-recognized training.

Meeting with its co-founder and CEO Pierre Charvet.

The Studi Group announces a record turnover of 120 million euros compared to 20 million euros two years ago! How do you explain this growth dynamic?

For twenty years, Studi has been innovating to offer the best in online training. We are officially the French number 1 in online education for diploma students. We are fortunate to have created an impressive business whose mission is to support as many people as possible in their professional development or revolution. Our strength today is to have a catalog of 200 training courses, from CAP to Bac+5, and to offer prices affordable to as many people as possible.

What impact did the health crisis have on your business?

The health crisis has a global impact on digital and distance. Structures like ours, specializing in digital, were more than required. The crisis, which disrupted the socio-economic environment and the organization of work, actually accelerated the awareness of the possibilities of retraining. Training is no longer an option reserved for the minority, it is becoming universal, throughout one’s professional life.

What is Studi’s main audience?

Mainly assets. The average age is 30, but we have students in their twenties. Or more than 70 years! Studi accompanies them, follows them, the coaches, according to their availability.

At the same time, Studi pays close attention to job seekers to help them progress. There is a very strong social problem here. We also won two public contracts: the Pôle emploi national contract and the distance education contract for the Ile de France region. We will train more than 6,000 job seekers in the job positions of today and tomorrow. The results are convincing: 70% of job seekers who received diplomas thanks to our training (Studi Ed. survey) claim to have found a job.

Your catalog, which is already extremely large, contains 14 sectors. Are you considering additional educational courses to reach an even wider audience?

Yes, we are launching training in three new sectors: design, sports and tourism, and games at the end of the year. We are also strengthening our current topics in business and HR, with even more Bac + 2 and Bac +3 training, which are our main audience.

How is your relocation project progressing to bring all Montpellier employees (currently 500) in one place?

We are about to inaugurate the first stone of the Study Center, which will open in March 2023, in the city of Pérols, in the metropolis of Montpellier. The building with an area of ​​almost 10,000 m2 will unite employees who are currently spread over 11 locations! It will be a great tool, perfectly adapted to the new hybrid working methods and designed to best suit our hundreds of flexible office workers.

You deployed training for the French but also the French-speaking market, especially in Africa…

Yes, earlier this year we successfully launched ISM Online, the first online business school in Senegal. We register there 500 students who complete accredited Bac+3 and Bac+5 courses. The next step will be to offer our African neighbors a general public offer at an affordable price in sectors such as finance, accounting, management, management or business to meet their expectations in terms of skills development and growth needs.

Do you have ambitions on the European market?

This is the next step planned for 2022. We will start producing our first content in English in the coming weeks. We will initially offer an offer with international bachelor’s and MBA degrees.

Two years ago you bought Elephorm, a site specializing in video training. Do you have other acquisition projects?

We have just joined Health Events, a high-performance structure that trains medical and intermediate health professions (doctors, nurses, physiotherapists, pharmacists, etc.) online. We are constantly looking for acquisition opportunities, especially internationally and more specifically in Southern Europe.

What are your prospects in terms of recruitment?

We are constantly recruiting. Studi currently has 750 permanent employees and the same number of freelance lecturers. We can offer a great career to the talents who join us. Our base of values ​​and skills is linked to Studi’s DNA: openness, curiosity, energy, sense of service. We plan to hire 250 employees by next year. Studi will then pass the milestone of 1,000 employees. The same for coaches: we have an active recruitment policy for consultants. With three-digit growth, it is a great adventure that we propose, especially when we want to become the European leader within four years and achieve a turnover of 500 million euros.