Togo: Countermeasure against brain drain and long-term solution by MP Taamu

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Student at the end of an internship abroad (ph)

The Togolese government has taken the initiative to guide Togolese students who receive study abroad grants to return to serve the country after graduation. The initiative is welcomed by MP Gerry Taama, who submitted a concrete proposal to the government to find a permanent and long-term solution to the refusal of students to return Go.

As part of what can be called the fight against brain drain, the Togolese Minister of Higher Education and Research, prof. His Majesty N. Ihou Wateba, informed parents and students that all scholarship recipients abroad are requested to sign a binding return to serve form Go at the end of their training.

With this call to sign the commitment to return to the fold, the minister in charge, in his note dated August 26, 2022, recalled that Togolese government scholarships for study abroad and cooperative scholarships are awarded to Togolese students with the aim of strengthening the socio-economic structure of the country with the skills necessary for its development.

Content of the binding form

A binding form is available from the Department of Scholarships and Placements (DBS) or can be downloaded from the DBS website and should be completed and returned to the address on it as soon as possible.

Part of the so-called commitment form of the Togolese student recipient of the scholarship for study abroad, it is stated after the name and contact information of the signatory that “…he confirms that he has been familiarized with the entire content of the scholarship and promises to respect the related obligations and recommendations.” In this sense, I am committed to return home at the end of my training to contribute to the socio-economic development of the nation through my acquired know-how”.

The rest of the undertaking reads that “I am aware that failure to respect this undertaking may result in the state demanding full reimbursement of the cost of the training I have benefited from”.

The second part of this form is reserved for the student’s parent or legal guardian. The scholarship commitment is that he confirms that he has been informed of the entire content of the scholarship and undertakes and enforces the commitments and recommendations and obligations related thereto.

At the bottom of the signature form, the parent or guardian undertakes that “I am aware that failure to comply with this undertaking may result in the state demanding full reimbursement of the cost of the training I have had”.

Causes of non-return and long-term solution Gerry Taam

The government’s call for the scholarship holder to sign a pledge to return to Go after his training, he seems to be motivated by observations that of the group of students sent to the United States, Canada, and Europe, few return to Go after their training

The refusal of scholars who have gone abroad to return to the country is partly due to the weakness of the salary offer and the conditions for socio-professional development.

Because of these pretexts, MP Gerry Taama, who was interested in the measure taken by the government, published on his Facebook page that “on paper it is a good idea”, but asked the minister of higher education, “if he is ready to employ these Tožans. after studies incl Go ? “.

MP Taama offers the possibility for the scholarship holders to stay and work in their host country and then cover the costs of their studies, but added that “the best way to bring our students back at the end of their training is to improve the business world and offer a great job. opportunities. Morocco is doing well in this, Kenya and Ghana to some extent. Fish stay where the water is deep. A person is looking for a place to find a job…”.


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