Togo: laying of the first stone of the University Pole of Innovation and Technology


BUSINESS CREATION (more information)

Ranked 15th in the world and first in Africa in the Doing Business (DB) 2020 indicator, Togo continues its reform momentum with new reforms…

EXECUTION OF CONTRACTS (more information)

Still at the bottom of the Doing Business rankings in terms of contract fulfillment, fueled by its momentum in improving the business environment, Togo has worked hard this year to make a qualitative leap in this preferred indicator. Numerous reforms related to the treaty enforcement indicator and the legal framework…

THE SHOP (more information)

Better than in the past, Togo has significantly reformed the indicator of “cross-border trade” by adopting a series of measures against the background of the digitization of documents and procedures. These reforms mainly concern dematerialization and reduction of delays in imports and exports.

BUILDING PERMIT (more information)

Togo, which moved from 133rd to 127th in the Doing Business 2020 ‘Obtaining a Building Permit’ indicator, is looking to repeat the same feat in the next edition of the benchmark global ease of doing business report. This year, a series of reforms was launched in this direction.


Togo, which has consistently advanced in Doing Business in this indicator for two years, has re-armed itself to perform in the rankings this year, as evidenced by new reforms made to make it easier for businesses to connect to electricity and water.

TRANSFER OF OWNERSHIP (more information)

A drastic reduction in delays, a significant jump in Doing Business, the transfer of ownership indicator is the one in which Togo has improved the best since 2018. Still in the depths of the ranking just two years ago, the country is now aiming for the African summit. Dethrone Rwanda. And to achieve this, no rest. In 2020, a new series of reforms began to keep the country on a progressive trend.

PROCUREMENT (more information)
From the professionalization of the public procurement profession, to digitalization, through legislative regulations, the framework of public procurement in Togo is constantly improving. Several reforms have been introduced to improve the subject, which are of great benefit to the private sector, which is the engine of the National Development Plan.

PAYMENTS OF TAXES AND TAXES (more information)
In line with improving its business environment, Togo has introduced major reforms in the area of ​​tax and customs payments. From the replacement of certain taxes to the abolition of others through exemptions, the country has only one goal: to offer investors and economic entities the most attractive tax framework possible. All this against the background of teletaxation.

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