“University of Caen has extraordinary potential, according to its president”.

Not only schoolchildren, university students and high school students returned to their desks. Students are also back at university from the University of Caen Normandy (Caen, Alençon, Cherbourg, Vire, Lisieux, Saint-Lô and Ifs). A classic renewal, without health restrictions, with new features, including the reopening of Building B of Campus 1, newly renovated. The return to schools, which is also taking place in the context of the affordability crisis, is also felt by students (35,600 of them were registered this year). Topics discussed this Wednesday morning with the University President, Lamri Adouiwho was a guest France Blue Normandy.

France Bleu: Students face a crisis of purchasing power. Does it worry you?

Lamri Adoui: “Students are very worried. It is clear that we are extremely vigilant about this issue. In this difficult period of going back to school for everyone, this is undoubtedly an opportunity for me to tell them and their families that Above all, if they have problems, they must not stay themselves. We are here to support them. We have resources, services, financial aid, social assistance. And so it is absolutely necessary that they come forward if they have problems. I think the mission of the university is also to look after student life , the quality of life on campus and the success of our students.”

How is the beginning of the school year going? Distance education, health crisis, is it a thing of the past?

_”_We really follow the instructions that we live by every day. There are no restrictions. It was like that already in the last academic year. So we are starting a new school year, from this point of view completely normal.”

The University of Caen also distinguished itself in the Shanghai rankings during the summer (see below). What does this say about the education provided at Caen?

“First of all, it’s pride. I want to make it a collective pride. It already highlights the quality of our researchers’ work, which doesn’t often end up being promoted. So I congratulate them because this achievement is paramount.” and above all theirs. Furthermore, I would like this pride to be collective. This means that our students, families whose young people enter the university, must realize that “in Caen we have an extraordinary teaching and research potential and we must be collectively proud of This means that even if everything is not perfect, good health of higher education and research Caen.’

Since Monday, students from Caen have also discovered the renovated building B. 29 million euros of work. Are you satisfied with the result?

“The result is spectacular. For those who knew the building, only the outer structure remains. It is designed according to the new uses that are necessary for the students. It was also designed with the aim of sustainable development, with energy conditions that are much more favorable than that, what we experienced in the past. And I think it is a great success in a building classified as a historical monument since 2012. Which led to a certain amount of restrictions. funding, I specify that the construction of the site was financed by 50% from the university’s own resources and that the state and region helped us a lot.

Building B, which will be inaugurated this Friday by the minister of higher education, Sylvie Retailleau…

“Exactly. All of a sudden, we’re making it a great event because it’s more than the inauguration of a building. First of all, it’s the flagship building on our campus, 15,000 square meters, of course, thousands of students. It’s all student services. Special mention is also the place of humanities and social sciences in our university. And I think it’s deserved. C It’s something we don’t do often enough. And then it’s our policy, strategies to make student support a strong point of our school project, and that’s why we are very happy to hold an inauguration that will be small in size.

How do you stack up in terms of energy sobriety. Did you give instructions?

“We will communicate widely about this. We have significantly reduced the use of paper in order to be a little more moderate in the use of this raw material. We will have thermostats that will allow us, for example, not to heat places now.” which are not used. So we look at costs. In this new academic year, we are going to selectively sort in all faculties, and of course we will also receive instructions on sobriety. We don’t have to free ourselves from everything that happens in society. as a whole.”

  • The University of Caen distinguished itself in the Shanghai ranking:

The Shanghai ranking evaluates the research activities of universities around the world. The University of Caen has 301 ᵉ in mathematics, 401 ᵉ in chemistry and clinical medicine, 201 ᵉ in medical technology and 151 ᵉ worldwide in oceanography.

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