University: what are the best tips for license verification?

Two weeks after the start of the school year, exams are already looming… How to verify your college ID?

Despite the many changes that come after skyrocketing energy prices, students have to focus on exams… But how do you verify your university license? MCE TV will tell you everything from A to Z.

change at the university

Changes will happen at every university! Many establishments have announced this for this winter. Rising energy prices are really so scary that universities are starting to make big decisions.

Take the example of the University of Strasbourg, which therefore decided to close his door earlier than expected. “The first week of January will be the final week. So with 4 days off for students. No lessons will be provided. »

“Then the beginning of the school year will be on Monday, January 9. During the February school holidays there will be a 2nd week of closure depending on buildings and activities. » This was announced by Michel Deneken, president of the Strasbourg school

To reduce the bill, there will also be distance learning courses, such as at the University of Lille. The goal is not to use heating. So inevitably, all these measures scare students who will soon take exams.

How to succeed in validating a license despite all these circumstances? MCE TV will advise you! First, it is important tAlways take notes. You will avoid the slightest oversight!

However, do not write down everything, only the most important and the details that make the decision. And then the question arises… Is it better to write on a laptop or by hand? We offer you tips below!

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Tips for getting a license

Know that scientists recommend manual writing because it promotes memorization. However, let’s not forget that the computer is very useful for writing faster and for better organization in lessons.

Organization is also very important for a successful license. it’s notDon’t let time overwhelm you. Therefore, it is better to make a schedule at the beginning of the semester. You can enter course schedules, time at BU.

And also your activities like sports or others. Don’t forget that you need to rest after classes. Work is good, but rest is better! Revise in advance! This is a tip to remember.

Studying at the last minute is very risky because it can cause stress and anxiety. Because of this, you can forget about everything! That is why it is essential read his lessons, for example, before going to bed.

Finally, dare to work in a group, or with a classmate. Together you can fix and improve. There is nothing more useful than running twins. Listen, dare to correct and you can only improve with time!

Finally, don’t be afraid to make good contact with teachers and classmates. And as soon as possible!

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