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Valenciennes. At the age of 23, Yanis manages the social networks of several football stars

Freshly graduated from Iscom Lille, Yanis Chakib would like to share his future career: connecting brands and players on the one hand and organizing conferences on the other. (©DR)

Ten years have passed since then Yanis Chakib23, is working on building a combined career social networksand his lifelong passion, football. Because already at the age of 14 from the family home in Valenciennes (north) he created twitter account Football vibes, now has a following of… approximately 405,000 subscribers. A familiarity that has been consolidated “over time”, as Yanis himself says, and which today allows him to experience extraordinary experiences: connecting with international soccer players on the one hand and set off to explore behind the scenes of the next WC in Qatarother.

Cooperation with the AC Milan midfielder

The young northerner received a master’s degree in the field of creation of digital communication at
Iscom in Lille last July, but it has actually been 5 years since he built a valuable network on the Internet. My senior year, I “made banners for players on social media for free. Then I professionalized the activity in the 1st year of study. “Through his Vibes Foot account, Yanis is at the time associated with Ismaël Bennacer, a player of the Algerian national team. The last one is followed by 5000 people.

Today, Yanis Chakib is officially his community manager – or “web community manager” should we say – and AC Milan star Ismaël Bennacer (below). The first 5,000 fans grew into a community of almost a million people. Yanis is thus in charge of creating for every athlete’s match and all kinds of entertainment. As for Adam Ounas (LOSC), Sikou Niakate (Braga, Portugal), Isaac Mbenza (Charleroi) and Jean-Ricner Bellegard (Strasbourg).

Internship within the Moroccan Football Federation

Between the personal account and the account of the athletes, the young man leads everything head-to-head, but gradually he decides to surround himself. “There’s a role as a content creator and a board for footballers. I do both equally. But before that, I did things on my own. Today, for example, I delegate freelance graphic designers,” explains Yanis. He is no less strict about the missions he must complete, even if they require his life to be put on hold. “If I’m in a restaurant with friends on Saturday or Sunday and I have to create something after the game, I’ll do it! »

Valenciennes’ academic career complemented his growing skills. He graduated from the Amos business school specializing in sports, was offered his first internship at the Moroccan Football Federation and went to the Maghreb for two whole months. It’s time for the 2018 FIFA World Cup.

“I had to push them a bit via Twitter to accept it,” he smiles. The Federation did not develop its networks at all, I created its visual identity. He then went to London for six months as part of his second year of studies before going to another school, Iscom.

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Behind the scenes of the World Cup in Qatar

It was there, alongside “already proficient” students, that he honed his skills in graphic design and discovered sponsorship for an internship at France Télévisions. Because Yanis hesitated for a long time whether to go into journalism. At 23, his career choices are made but limited. “I would like to establish relationships between players and brands, or why not go into teaching. Last March, I gave a lecture to first-year students at Iscom. »

Yanis in Doha (Qatar) during one of his trips to the 2022 FIFA World Cup.
Yanis in Doha (Qatar) during one of his trips to the 2022 FIFA World Cup. (©DR)

In front of the audience, he inevitably told his self-taught journey on Twitter, but also his unforgettable first experience in December 2021. He flew to Qatar at the invitation of the highest organizing committee of the 2022 World Cup. “It was for the FIFA Arab Cup for 5 days. We could visit the stadiums. A new beginning in the same context at the beginning of September 2022.

During four days, we visited the stadiums again, discovered the routes for the fans together with the international media. I was with three others [propriétaires de] Twitter accounts specializing in football, it’s nice to see us put on the same level as the mainstream media.

Of course, Yanis documented these trips on his network. His next round trip should be at the beginning of the competition, in November. “I’m waiting on dates, but I should be going for a week or two.” I want to share the atmosphere at the place, the enthusiasm surrounding the competition. “He also hopes to attend matches of teams that are highly followed in France, such as – apart from the Blues – “Senegal or Morocco”.

We cannot necessarily ask him what he thinks about the controversy surrounding the Qatari organization, which is considered disastrous for the planet. As a good communicator, Yanis certainly doesn’t mince words: “It’s true that it may seem silly to see so many stadiums in such a small area… It was done in Brazil in 2010 with stadiums that were abandoned. And there is also the media that tries to fall [fatalement] to Qatar. As for blaming the players for their involvement, he believes – and we feel experience speaks there too – that “there’s no way they’re going to miss such a professional opportunity”.

23-year-old Yanis Chekib manages the nets of five professional players, including AC Milan star Ismaël Bennacar.
23-year-old Yanis Chakib manages the nets of five professional players, including AC Milan star Ismaël Bennacar. (©DR)


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