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5 digital tools for the beginning of the school year that I can hardly do without.

Article updated on August 31, 2022 by Fidel Navamuel

We have a new year here again. Refurbishment is a good opportunity to take inventory and sort through your digital tools. The ones we have already forgotten, the ones we never or rarely use, the ones we want to give a chance and then they are essential. Here are five of them.

5 digital tools that I can hardly live without. 5 safe values ​​from my digital back-to-school toolkit.

Explore. Digitize, facilitate and evaluate training

Experquiz allows you to create quizzes and assessments for all subjects. You can integrate different types of questions and combine them with interactive tools. It is a very high-quality French solution. In addition to assessments and questionnaires, ExperQuiz offers all the tools to create and implement training. It can also be used for e-learning modules by integrating learning materials, media, assessments and certifications. As I indicated in a recent article dedicated to this assessment tool. “ExperQuiz is one of the best, if not the best, online knowledge management and assessment platform out there.. A very complete solution that adapts to the needs of companies in terms of training and skills management, as well as for use in a school or university.

Can go. Online graphics studio for all your needs

teaching canvas

It is still necessary to present Can go ? I’ve done it here many times. This online tool puts graphic creation within everyone’s reach with greater pleasure. You will really enjoy creating beautiful posters for the classroom or even stickers, presentations, timetables… The platform offers thousands of models to avoid the fear of a blank page. You will also find millions of photos and illustrations that you are free to use in your creations. The educational version is also behind the success of Canva. A specific approach for teachers, but also for their students with customized models. What are you waiting for to get started? Canva is free for teachers.

Digital. Free services for education


Digitalis is an absolutely brilliant open source digital toolkit. Digital tools, too numerous to mention here, are perfectly suited for use in the classroom. Check out the article I wrote about them some time ago. Digitalis offers responsible and free digital tools to support teaching and learning processes in person, but also remotely. Useful work by Emmanuel Zimmert and a magnificent calling card for free software in education.

BitWarden. Manage and secure all your passwords

manage your passwords

BitWarden he saved my life a thousand times. How to remember dozens of access codes and passwords that accumulate during our digital lives. BitWarden is a kind of ultra-secure digital vault that allows you to have all your logins and passwords always at hand, whether you’re on a computer, tablet or laptop. Bitwarden is open source, free and ultra secure. Installed on your computer, it can even choose a secure password if you wish. A great productivity tool. With BitWarden, you’ll never forget your password again.

Evernote. An elephant’s memory that never forgets anything


Evernote is my second brain. This tool will become your best ally, remembering everything. With Evernote, you’ll be able to keep your notes, projects, tasks, plans, memories in one place accessible on your computer, tablet or smartphone. It is a multimedia notebook in which you will be able to archive and sort everything you want. You can add text, images, audio, scans, PDF files and documents. You can scan important documents or your handwritten notes and keep them close at hand on all your devices. Evernote’s strength lies mainly in its extremely powerful integrated search engine. Type a word and Evernote will search through your stacks of documents, regardless of their size. It finds it even if it’s in a scanned handwritten note or photo. All at the speed of light. The personal version costs around 6 Euros per month. One of my digital investments that I have never had to regret.

So much for these five digital tools that have become indispensable to me. And you, what are your essential digital tools and services for this new school year?

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