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From September 26 to 30, UdeS will host a program dedicated to indigenous realities and perspectives during the week of truth and reconciliation.
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Ceremonies, conferences, songs, concerts, art exhibitions: a number of activities will draw attention to the richness of indigenous cultures in UdeS from September 26 on the occasion of the week of truth and reconciliation. To conclude the events on September 30, Staff Day, the university community is invited to join efforts to connect with Indigenous peoples by participating in the Great March organized as part of the National Day of Truth and Reconciliation.

The Aboriginal Living Arts Camp, located off the main sports center campus, will serve as the hub for most program activities. Various events will also be held at other satellite locations. The beginning of the week will be marked by the raising of the flag of the Council of Abenakis of Odanak.

“Changing the World through Art and Art through Indigenous Art”

From September 26 at 1 p.m shaputuan, a large traditional tent, will rise in a performative way in the heart of the camp. It is here that the unique YÄ’ATA total indigenous art event will be held continuously under the auspices of guest curator and Wendat art critic Guy Sioui Durand. Dreaming of “changing the world through art and art through indigenous art”, he will also present a related exhibition at the Antoine-Sirois Art Gallery in winter 2023.

Storytelling, storytelling, outdoor performance, aboriginal art action… guided by the wild spirit of the snapping turtles that roam so much in niönwentsioWendat territory than in nd8kinaterritory waban-akithat Mr. Sioui Durand invented YÄ’ATA in the company of his artistic accomplices.

YÄ'ATA are the letters that inoculate the benevolent spirit of the snapping turtles (YÄ') as the unifying event of the total (A) native (A) art (A).
YÄ’ATA are the letters that inoculate the benevolent spirit of the snapping turtles (YÄ’) as the unifying event of the total (A) native (A) art (A).
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Light projections are also planned Shaputuan, at dusk. In the sign of a great gathering that will combine speeches, songs and drums, you must not miss the day of September 28th!

A community dedicated to indigenous perspectives

Several members of the UdeS pedagogical and professional corps will also be part of the Truth and Reconciliation Week program.

Professor Adelphine Bonneau from the Department of Chemistry of the Faculty of Science, which is also part of the FLSH Department of History, will focus on the issue of rock art and experimental archaeology. Philippe Charland, Abenaki language lecturer at FLSH, will cover Abenaki toponymy, art and language. with Dramatized stories of young Aboriginal people, Patricia-Anne Blanchet, aboriginal educational consultant and lecturer at the Faculty of Education, will present a research-creative doctoral project implemented in cooperation with university students. Course students Indigenous perspectives in education will also have a stand at the Faculty of Education, where he will share with the public his knowledge related to Aboriginal reality in the school environment.

For Patricia-Anne Blanchet, who actively participated in the preparation of the thematic week’s program, the activities presented in it are a privileged opportunity for the university community to make a concrete commitment to the path of decolonization with the First Nations:

Seven generations were devastated by boarding schools. More than ever, it is important to recognize the reality and value First Nations cultures in order to walk together towards a more just future for the next seven generations.

Patricia-Anne Blanchet, advisor for indigenous pedagogy at the Faculty of Education

Walking with and for indigenous people

Conclusion The Week of Truth and Reconciliation will culminate in the Great March on Friday, September 30, to which Sherbrooke’s college and university communities and the general public are invited. The march will be preceded by a rally in the center of the quadrangle of the Bishop’s University campus at 11:30 a.m. and will take place from 1:00 p.m. to 3:00 p.m. in the streets of Lennoxville.

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