CUC organizes the Summer University of the National Union of French University Clubs

06:13 – September 22, 2022 – until

CUC, reference in the motor development of the child.

For three days, from September 28 to 30, the Hôtel de Région will offer conferences and round tables on the theme of “healthy sport” for club leaders, players in the sports industry, health professionals and students.

LThe Clermont Université Club celebrates its 100th anniversary this year and is doing great things. The CUC is organized into club federations and includes 12 disciplines: aikido, athletics, badminton, basketball, mountain climbing, judo, rugby, tennis, Yoseikan budo, skiing, volleyball and the little last: roller skating.

It is also a sports-oriented leisure center that stems from a multi-sport school founded in 1985.

This club is therefore very well aware of the importance of sport, its physical, psychological and social benefits.

From Wednesday 28 September to Friday 30 September, the CUC is organizing the UNCU (National Union of French University Clubs) Summer Sports University at the Hôtel de Région with three days of conferences, discussions and workshops on the theme: “sport-health, an opportunity for sports clubs? »

This event is organized in collaboration with ONAPS, the French observatory of physical activity and sedentariness. All local authorities will be highlighted.


Sports and health have become everyone’s business, be it children, adults or pensioners.

“We collaborated with Martine Duclos, head of the sports medicine department at the University Hospital, and David Thivel, lecturer, specialist in the adaptation of nutrition to physical exercise in adolescents,” explains Vice President Thierry Olivier. We can thus connect our practice of healthy sports with family sports or nutrition. We hope that it will not only be an intellectual laboratory, but also a sports practice. We did not limit ourselves only to university sports, but also to corporate sports.«

The need is strong because sports participation among children is decreasing year by year…

“In the development of the clubs, the term has become a public good,” explains Thierry Olivier, vice president of the CUC. A decline in physical activity is a disaster. Society needs to move people.”

The numbers are chilling: 70 to 75% of women in France have a sedentary job, and in 40 years a seven-year-old child has lost a quarter of her heart capacity.

Screen time and a sedentary lifestyle affect weight gain and overall health, such as sleep.

Like energy, sports and health must be one of the priorities for the coming years. In Clermont-Ferrand, ASM Omnisports, with active ASM Vitalité and Pauses, is already a driving force in this area and will participate in discussions such as Vitalité A3P and CPAM 63.

During 3 days, conferences, discussions and round tables on the topic: Sport-Health in France and Europe will be offered to leading clubs, players in sports industries, students, APAS teachers, health professionals, elected officials, health and sports. officials of institutions and communities…

“Physical activity, inactivity, a sedentary lifestyle… What are we talking about?” will lead Martine Duclos. The history of sport and health, its impact on society, French and European cases, the excesses of this practice: the other side of the coin… These are the topics that will be discussed and explained. Several workshops are planned: Sport on prescription, Maisons Sport-Santé, Sport-Health in the workplace and Sport-Health and childhood. These three days of debates should allow everyone, doctors, managers, educators, to draw the best from the studies and experiences of each of them to move things even deeper.

It is an event of national dimension, which the UNCU (National Union of French University Clubs) has entrusted to omnisport CUC, the bearer of this sport-health torch.

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