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Digital in the Classroom: Dozens of Free Online Education Courses for Teachers

Robotics, a fleet of mobile devices, creative labs and new teaching approaches will no longer hold any secrets thanks to a free online training offer launched yesterday as part of the Digital Action Plan.

Unless you’ve been on a desert island vacation since May 29th, chances are you haven’t heard of the Digital Learning Action Plan if you teach in Quebec! And if so, we’d love to tell you about it!

We eagerly awaited the date of September 10, 2018: today the first phase of the “training” component of the famous “digital combos” was unveiled for schools to use.

“Digital combos”: equipment and training

First, let’s recall that last spring Quebec schools were asked to formulate their intentions to purchase a huge amount of material from which to choose in three categories, namely robotic, creative laboratory a fleet of equipment mobile phones. During the summer, the shopping was completed and now it’s time to think about training.

We couldn’t wait to see how an offering aimed at meeting the needs of so many professionals at the same time would turn out. For this first step, we bet on self-training and announced the large-scale deployment of “an upgradable training offering that will improve over the months according to the needs of the environment.”

And this offer is now structured thanks to the work of the partners, RÉCIT and CADRE21.

Here are some examples:

Educational robotics

Here are also some articles and resources offered by our partner Carrefour Education that deal with robotics and programming.

Must see:

creative laboratory

And we would like to add our article suggestions:

And our interview Factors of success of the digital production workshop at school with Michel Choquette, one of the managers of the company producer space from Beaubois College.

Fleets of mobile devices

Here too we would like to add for you:

Outside Quebec? No worries, all these courses are offered openly and free of charge.

If RÉCIT training courses are directly related to the pedagogical use of tools, CADRE21 courses rely more on pedagogical approaches. Here are some routes that will surely interest you:

  • Collaborative writing training
  • Graphic organizer training
  • Creative programming training
  • Flipped classroom training
  • Training in design thinking for education
  • Training on pedagogical differentiation
  • Gamification training
  • Universal design for education
  • Training on student feedback
  • Classroom management training

It is reported that school boards and private schools in Quebec will soon receive an email with a direct access link that will give them free access to all CADRE21 training. Outside Quebec? It is still possible to register, for a fee.

Of course, it should be noted that support will always be available in person through local or regional RÉCIT services.

Don’t miss these three RÉCIT pages that contextualize the process of appropriating the three components of digital combos. Teachers’ statements are also interesting.

Do you want to go further or approach everything differently?

École branchée is also a partner in the training component of PAN. Sign up for one of the CréaCamps, creative training days for teachers. Each one offers unique programming and is a great way to enrich your professional learning network while experimenting with new ideas, techniques or teaching approaches in the company of colleagues and under the guidance of expert facilitators.

Coming soon: National Digital Days

Coming soon: more details at National Digital Dayswhich are also part of the measures of the Digital Action Plan.

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