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Education, the new El Dorado for budding entrepreneurs

The Edtech market is booming for Moroccan startups. MOOCs, serious games, educational applications, services offered by start-ups are numerous.

In recent years, the Edtech sector has seen significant growth as the health crisis has made Edtech products and services part of the daily lives of more than 1.7 billion people worldwide. This boom accelerated the adoption of new uses and the deployment of new tools by 5 to 10 years. Analysts predict the Edtech market will be $500 billion in 2025, up from $375 billion pre-Covid. A pleasure for entrepreneurs who want to start in this field, including in Morocco. For Asmau Fenniri, board member of La French Tech Maroc, “the B2B sector is the segment most open to EdTechs. Employers are realizing the need to upskill their employees in the behavioral and digital skills needed to navigate today’s professions.”
Just as there are many reasons why startups take advantage of this wave. For Tariq Hanine, co-founder of IBDAA Science & Education, the idea to get into education came from his own experience. “School counseling remains a problem for many Moroccans. Our start-up develops educational programs, 100% made in Morocco, to popularize and learn science and business. The goal is to help high school and college students and college students immerse themselves in majors and make a decision later.
For many, digital is the entire DNA of the project. This is the case with the portal, which deals with issues related to the employability of young people.
The idea of ​​this project was born in 2016 after discovering the need and lack of a private and efficient, local and complete Internet platform, specialized in employment and training, for the use of the various actors of this ecosystem. : individuals, economic entities, associations and public bodies. Professional and educational counseling remains an important human and technological challenge even today. “Qualified and up-to-date information is rare and scattered. These observations are the basis of the idea of ​​the project, which, in its broadest version, wants to take advantage of technology thanks to the large volume of exchanged and collected data around the various implemented tools”, emphasizes Oussama Mojahed, founder of Sboost.

Multiplication of structures
MOOCs, serious games, educational apps, services offered by various EdTechs are diverse. These are management tools for education and training, the development of digital skills to the development of specialized technical and professional skills. Like some of them, they specialize in AI and data to offer more personalized learning and assessment services, and rely on blockchain technology to offer secure dematerialization of certificates. “EdTechs have recently explored the possibilities of AR/VR and metaverse to design new immersive learning paths,” notes Ms. Fenniri. And to continue that “the world of education is changing, but it is not easy to change”. With the proliferation of structures, the offer diversifies.

Technological center
Of course, the question arises of the qualities needed to win in Edtech. Starting with flexibility and adaptability. The entrepreneur will have to go through discussions with very technical IT and process people, but also have very close relationships with training actors, especially schools and universities.
For Oussama Mojahed, “a scientific background is very important to be able to analyze and process data, and the network is an ocean to get the necessary information.”
You also need to know and be passionate about the field in which you are going to develop a technology solution or work with someone with rich experience. And in any case, immerse yourself in it intensively. “The IT market is global, platforms like Fiverr help digital professionals grow their businesses. Morocco has a lot to gain to become a technology center if we manage to manage international projects,” continues Oussama Mojahed.
For example, the task of French Tech Morocco is precisely to enable the ecosystem to interact in order to identify synergies and opportunities for cooperation between its various actors.

Five start-ups that make life easier for students

Kezakoo is an e-learning and tutoring platform on the Internet. It provides French international bachelor degree holders with e-learning content created by a team of teachers with decades of experience as well as e-learning content creators using a digital tool. The goal is to enable high school students to gain productivity and preparation time to free up more free time for their personal development and social life.
In parallel with the online tutoring activity, Kezakoo has a free educational content platform that offers video content (more than 1,500 videos) on all school programs in the Moroccan high school Arabic program.
After 7 years of experience in the creation of academic e-learning content, Kezakoo offers a new offer to the Moroccan tutoring market: online tutoring with a complete e-learning platform including premium videos, quizzes, as well as regular pedagogical monitoring.

Doros Online
Doross Online is a Moroccan online tutoring platform for high school and university students. Launched in 2017, it offers hybrid tutoring combining an online course and face-to-face lessons at their agency in Fez. All educational content is designed by teachers and is in line with the National Education Program. Students will find course videos, application exercises, MCQs and summary sheets here.

IBDAA Science and Education
IBDAA Science & Education develops models and educational programs, 100% made in Morocco, to popularize and learn STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics) and entrepreneurship for children and adolescents.
The solution is based on the SXD (Student eXperience Design) concept, which enables ten science and technology popularization workshops, a program on entrepreneurship and innovation for children and youth, and three events to support science and entrepreneurship: IBDAA EXPLORIUM, Green STEM Race (GSR) and science fairs.

Nowedge took inspiration from the world’s business games inspired by big universities like Harvard and MIT to offer digital training for business and engineering schools as well as companies.
It creates a realistic scenario through sharp dynamics modeling and simulation. Each business game is a different experience with a solid education built with business and academic experts, especially in the field of trading, production management, business management, etc.

BOOSTER is a Moroccan professional social network built around the theme of empowering and promoting skills and services. It deals with issues of employability, entrepreneurship, training and innovation, addressing needs such as e-learning, guidance, networking, exchange of experience, employment, entrepreneurship, qualified and accessible information, support for candidates, economic and training actors.

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