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Pherecydes Pharma, a biotechnology company specializing in precision phage therapy for the treatment of antibiotic-resistant and/or complicated bacterial infections, today announces the launch of a fundraising of approximately EUR 3 million through the issue of new ordinary shares targeting institutional investors and individuals ( via the PrimaryBid platform ).

Pherecydes Pharma launches approximately €3 million fundraising to advance its phage therapy clinical development program

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The Proposed Offer is intended to provide the Company with funds for its financing until the end of March 2023. The Company plans to use the net proceeds from this fundraising to partially finance:

1. approximately 50%, clinical development of anti-Staphylococcus aureus (S. aureus) phages, including in particular: • the launch of the PhagoDAIR phase II study in France and Europe with the opening of new clinical centers in the Netherlands, up to the primary endpoint evaluation stage; • preparation and initiation of another study II. phases in clinical indication with high health risks; • launching and managing studies (PHRC) of which the company is not the promoter (PhagoPied, Phagos) through the production of phagograms and various related costs;

2. approximately 30%, development of phages against Pseudomonas aeruginosa, including in particular: • initiation of a regulatory toxicological study; • preparation and initiation of a clinical study (phase II) in an indication associated with respiratory infections with high health risks;

3. approximately 10%, development of production processes and quality control processes, production of GMP batches of E. Coli phages, completion of preclinical development;

4. up to approximately 10% research work related to the identification of a new bacterial target and other overhead costs of the company.


The transaction will take place in two separate but concurrent parts:

The offer will be divided into three separate but concurrent parts:

– an offer through the issue of new ordinary shares with the cancellation of the preferential subscription rights of the Company’s shareholders in favor of the named categories of investors (in accordance with the 18th resolution of the general meeting of shareholders dated 19.5.2022 – “Meeting”), based on Article L. 225-138 of the French Commercial Code of the Code (hereinafter referred to as “Reserved Offer”), while the Reserved Offer is intended only for categories of investors defined by the assembly as follows:

• to one or more French or foreign investment companies or investment funds (i) that primarily invest or have invested more than EUR 2 million during the 24 months prior to the relevant capital increase in life sciences and technologies and (ii) invest at a subscription amount of more than 100,000 EUR (including issue premium); and or

• to one or more strategic partners of the Company based in France or abroad who have concluded or had to conclude one or more business partnership agreements (development, joint development, distribution, production, etc.) with the Company (or a subsidiary). ) and/or to one or more companies that these partners control, that control these partners or that are controlled by the same person(s) as these partners, directly or indirectly, in the sense of Article L. 233-3 Obch. code;

• any person, including suppliers or bondholders of the Company, who has a certain, liquid and payable claim against the Company;

• all executives, directors and/or executive employees of the Company who wish to simultaneously invest in beneficiaries targeted in the above categories. – an offer to issue new ordinary shares with the cancellation of the preferential subscription right of the Company’s shareholders in favor of qualified investors or a limited circle of investors based on Article L. 411-2, 1° of the Monetary and Financial Code of the Code (in accordance with the 17th resolution of the Assembly), based on of article L. 225-136 of the Commercial Code (“Private Placement” together with the Offer reserved “Global Placement”); and –

– a public offer without a designated beneficiary in the form of new ordinary shares with the cancellation of the preferential subscription rights of the Company’s shareholders, intended for private persons of French nationality or nationals of the member states of the European Economic Area through the PrimaryBid platform, which will be carried out according to the allocation proportional to the requirements within the amount allocated to this offer for public, with a possible reduction of allotments in case of excessive requests based on Article L. 225-136 of the French Commercial Code and Article L. 411-2-1, 1° of the Monetary and Financial Code (in accordance with the 16th resolution of the Assembly) (“Primary Offer offers’ and together with Placement Global, the ‘Offer’).

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