Students from Ukraine are preparing for their future at Clermont Auvergne University

6:21 am – 22 September 2022

Displaced persons who do not have Ukrainian nationality are also taken into account.

Since the beginning of the war in Ukraine, many students have found refuge in Clermont-Ferrand. UCA has created an exceptional system that allows them to learn French and continue their studies.

DSince the beginning of the conflict, several students from Ukraine have taken refuge in Clermont-Ferrand to continue their studies.

About forty displaced people have joined UCA registrations to receive French lessons and aim to subsequently enter a bachelor’s or master’s degree because their level is currently too low to integrate vocational training.

Some have the ambition to join medical courses, which is why UCA will deploy French as a foreign language courses with medical specificity. These students are 90% young women, as the men were very quickly forbidden to leave, except for those who arrived at the very beginning.

“The first people from Ukraine arrived at the beginning of March, but the requests from these students to identify themselves on French territory came two to three weeks later,” explains Cécilia Brassier, a lecturer and expert on university integration of refugees.

At first, it was even families who welcomed students who approached universities. This approach was expected by the UCA, which expected to welcome the refugees, mainly to enable them to learn the French language as quickly and fully as possible.

French classes

It should be noted that the UCA did not receive state aid for these mutual aid schemes, it is the institution itself that “has equipped itself with the means to fulfill this task, to come to the aid of people coming from Ukraine,” reminds Cécilia Brassier. . UCA demanded that its French courses be open to all people displaced from Ukraine and not just to students. Testament of Mathias Bernard, President of UCA.

After that, special courses were held for the displaced Ukrainians to start learning French first and for the students to return to the university as quickly as possible. At UCA, it is the FLORA center that provides French lessons with a specific system for people in exile, refugees and asylum seekers. However, it is difficult to perfectly master both oral and written a foreign language such as French, which you have studied for six months.

At the same time, some students who know French could qualify to level B2, which is the minimum required to integrate the teaching courses organized by the UCA.

For students from Ukraine who are close to obtaining it, a specific cell has been set up in the training department with application files and resources that will allow them to obtain this level.

The future here?

Since March, Cécilia Brassier has been leading a crisis unit with competent components to better integrate these students into university life.

At the beginning of this school year, seven students will begin preparation directly for bachelor’s or master’s studies. “As soon as the level of French was confirmed, a training course was found that welcomed them,” rejoices Cécilia Brassier.

Displaced persons from Ukraine who do not have Ukrainian nationality are also taken into account. Since no ministerial decision had been issued for these cases, the UCA decided to review the applications of these fifty students.

Some are still being processed, but six students will be able to start training already in September.

The university methodology, which requires these students to acclimatize to the French study system, is also different.

There is also the Passerelle University Diploma, which is designed for students in exile, which allows them to become autonomous in the French language, thus allowing them to integrate the preparation for a bachelor’s, master’s or doctorate.

Mutual aid is indeed the key word that offers a bright future for refugee students from Ukraine at UCA.

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