The University of Angers wants to be more international and sustainable

26,295 students returned to the University of Angers. It intends to emphasize international openness and ecological transition.

Almost 26,300 students returned to the school – University of Angers.

The Campus Day, which takes place this Thursday, September 22, at the Belle-Beille campus, with the theme of nature and the environment, will kick off this new school year for the students of the University of Angers.

Opening up abroad

Since this summer, the University of Angers has joined a European university with eight other partners (Extremadura in Spain, Parma in Italy, Magdeburg in Germany, Wroclaw in Poland, Evora in Portugal, Gävle in Sweden, Carlow in Ireland, Oradea in Romania) named EU Green. This consortium has a subsidy of 14 million euros, of which 1.6 million euros are for the University of Angers, which will enable the mobility of students and university employees to be significantly strengthened.

We want to confirm our European position and participate in the creation of new university models in Europe by creating joint diplomas, denser and wider mobility actions and developing a new dynamic of cooperation in research and professional training. “, explains Françoise Grolleau, AU vice-president responsible for international affairs.

New training

Since the beginning of this school year, two new educational courses focused on sustainable development have been offered. Master’s degree “responsible product manager”. It offers specialization in professions dedicated to the management of products and services, taking into account their social and environmental impact. The second is a master’s degree in “biodiversity, ecology and evolution”. This master trains professionals able to support the transition of professional practices according to development models that are more environmentally friendly.

Back to school 2022 University of Angers

From left to right: Philippe Leriche, Dean of the Faculty of Science, Sabine Mallet, Vice-President for Education and University Life, Christian Roblédo, University President and Adrien Maslet, Student Vice-President – ​​​​

A university affected by the energy crisis

We did not wait for the crisis in Ukraine and this summer’s heat to deal with energy issues », suggests Christian Roblédo, president of the University of Angers. Work carried out in recent years has allowed the university to reduce energy consumption by 18%. Despite these efforts, the rise in energy prices should lead to an increase in the energy bill by 1.25 million euros. The electricity bill should rise (+71%).

The university is preparing a business continuity plan to deal with the load shedding situation this winter. At the same time, the heating will be started later than in previous years, the temperature will be reduced by 1°C and digital devices will be switched to standby. The university is usually open during the Christmas holidays and will close all its buildings this year to save money. ” We don’t want it to impact the students “, insists Christian Roblédo.

6000 new students

The University of Angers will welcome 6,000 new students this year, for a total of 26,295. This number is slightly lower than the previous year. ” This year we are seeing the effects of demographics entering a less exponential phase regarding 18/25 year olds “, emphasizes Sabine Mallet, Vice President for Education and University Life.

Persistent shortage of apartments

For four years now, students have encountered many problems when looking for accommodation in Angers. ” We had a feeling that the housing problem in this new school year would be less than last year with the new student houses. The feedback we have shows that this is not really the case. There are still students who are struggling ” says Laurent Bordet, Vice President of Campus Life.

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