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University of Monctonn is toois the largest francophone post-secondary institution outside of Quebec. “In New Brunswick and Acadia, we have a very strong cultural heritage that comes from France, carried on by the Acadian community, says Lauriane Laforge, the company’s director of business development and programs further education at the Université francophone de Moncton. Here we speak French and live in French. The Acadian community is proud of its university present on three campuses (Edmundston, Moncton and Shippagan). The university’s capacity has attracted French-speaking international students and greatly helps with the vitality of the community. ». The device is relatively young. It was opened in 1963 and now has a capacity of 5000 students. Here we teach law, education, science, science and community service, arts and social sciences, administration and engineering.

Varied distance offer and face-to-face service thanks to continuous education

Continuing education has around 2,500 registrations every year. “We have students who are already employed and want to reorient themselves or take the next step in their career, explains Mrs. Laforge, for example, technicians who want to get into management or who want to deepen the concept, such as employees in the IT field who want to move more towards artificial intelligence because it is a hot topic. It is not necessarily a reorientation in the same sector, sometimes it is more advanced. » Others, especially newcomers, completely reorient themselves: “I was a pharmacist in my country of origin and I’m coming here to work in human resources. So I’m going to do human resources training. We also offer a certificate in human resources completely remotely. » Add to that people who have never worked before and for whom this is like their first college experience. “Instead of going to university full-time, they start part-time for a variety of reasons, explains Mrs. Laforge, because they don’t know what they want to do and want to test themselves or because they want or need to work at the same time. And then we also have candidates who come looking for a diploma. »

Fully distance learning MBA

The most popular part-time program at Université de Moncton is the general MBA (Masters in Business Administration) in management with courses in accounting, marketing, human resources and taxation, highly recognized in the Canadian job market. The program can also be watched remotely, for example from France. “People starting their immigration journey can start their MBA from home in France and then finish it here, says Mrs. Laforge. Obtaining a local diploma recognized in New Brunswick is an advantage. The second advantage is that you can work here when you arrive and continue your studies at the same time. In terms of networking, it’s huge because you do a lot of group work as part of an MBA and when you get into the job market, it opens up a lot of doors when you’re looking for a job in management, for example. It makes integration easier. »

Continuing education also welcomes people who have recently moved to the Department of Education, who have come to complete their course. “Here the system is a little different, says Mrs. Laforge. In pedagogy, you need a certain number of credits for them to have the right to teach. They also come to practice subjects that they haven’t necessarily seen in France, such as education in a minority language environment, because it’s really different to have a class in front of you and students who don’t all speak French at the same level. . They come looking for educational management courses in New Brunswick because the school laws are different. »

Keep going

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