Burkina: “Wassa Youth Education and Patriotism” Encourages Top BEPC 2022 Students

Association “Wassa youth education and patriotism, JEP” consolidates its vocation to support education, especially academic excellence. Through a modest ceremony on Saturday, September 17, 2022 at its headquarters in Ouagadougou (Wemtenga District, District No. 5), the organization awarded prizes and scholarships to students who excelled in their results in the BEPC examination, 2022 session of the association leaders, more than the symbolism of the prize is enhanced spirit of education support.

Based on a process open to the public, four students, two girls and two boys, were awarded by the association. “Since we do not have the funds to reward all those admitted, we launched a call for applications on June 13, 2022 on Facebook for those who were admitted with their transcripts. After receiving a large number of applications, we had a difficult time choosing only four accepted. We decided to provide computers, stipend and health insurance in consultation with the winners. With this gesture, we want to heartily congratulate them on their excellent academic results and encourage them to continue their brilliant studies. We also want them to be role models for women and men in addition to their studies in a society where morality is dying and easy profit is so valued,” camped Wassa Youth Education and Patriotism (JEP) president, Amadou Sissoko.

Here, the president of the association, Mr. Sissoko (left), presents the award to one of the laureates.

The recipients of these awards and scholarships for 2022 are, according to merit, Fharid Sanon with an average of 18.80/20; Oceane Nabelema, 17.92/20; Judicaël Rachid Gouba, 17.83/20 and Christ Carmelle Tassembédo with 15.15/20.

These candidates therefore represent the best averages retained after the ensemble selection phase.

With his average of 18.80/20, Fharid Sanon received a computer, a USB stick and a certificate. The second winner of the draw, Océane Nabelema (17.92/20), receives a laptop, a USB stick and a certificate. Rachid Gouba (17.83/20) benefits from the JEP association, health insurance for one year plus a certificate. The fourth, Christ Carmelle Tassembédo, received a three-year scholarship.

“I am extremely grateful to the association for this award. This computer will allow me to do research, it will make it easier for me to work on presentations and many other things,” says Fharid Sanon, who specifies that this award will help him achieve his academic goals.

With this initiative, the association responds to its dynamic of promoting quality education and fostering a culture of excellence among other students.

“Unfortunately, we are in a society where morality is dying, where easy profit is desired. (…). At our level, we thought it appropriate to combine actions with criticism. We are convinced that young people play an important role in the development of a society that is much more morally educated, much more aware,” remarked the first head of the association, Mr. Sissoko, and called on every actor to work to promote good citizenship in society.

From left to right: Christ Carmelle Tassembédo, Fharid Sanon, Océane Nabelema, Judicaël Rachid Gouba (represented here).

The specific goal of SEP is also the support of good citizenship, the rights and duties of citizens, patriotism and the support of culture through various channels (forums, campaigns, audiovisual spots, artistic productions and cultural events).

An organization launched in 2017, the association “Wassa Youth Education and Patriotism” (Wassa means in Bambana, contentment) was officially recognized in 2021. Today, with around 7,000 real and virtual members and supporters, the association uses several channels for its actions, including Facebook page, its YouTube channel called Wassa TV to broadcast awareness videos (


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