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In Sens, schoolchildren are in the crosshairs

Failure in school is not inevitable. But success in education can be a long journey. The city of Sens has been one of the “deep caps” of education for years, given the results recorded by its schools. A situation which Pascale Larché, the deputy mayor responsible mainly for education issues, does not want to resign herself.

“Nationally, we’re dead last, the elected official blows. But we’re doing a lot of work in this area, we need to have a fairly ambitious policy to reverse the trend.”

A successful educational program

Since the previous election period, the local government has been involved in this “fight against truancy”. Faced with the observation of a “significant number of leaving the school system without qualifications” or even a “low percentage of students after higher education”, several measures have been put in place.

The most notable is certainly the “Educational Success Program.” The facility, which is aimed at children between the ages of 2 and 18 living in the Champs-Plaisants, Arènes or Chaillots districts “whose education could be at risk”.

premiums Alise, a 16-year-old Latvian, will share the daily life of the Sénonaise family for ten months

Presented as “out-of-school help that enables parents to build an environment conducive to their children’s development”, it aims to offer personalized solutions during a free and confidential course. In the eyes of the elected representative responsible for education issues, the first results are already here. “It offers suitable conditions for learning, access to rest and care, it also allows to experience situations of success, sources of self-esteem and self-confidence.”

Help with homework and a “helping hand” for CP

Last Monday, thirteen young people actively participated in the workshops “patent preparation as part of the educational achievements program, they also received congratulations from the city during the ceremony. A way to highlight an example of academic success. And maybe support this thread among the 113 kids enrolled in the Success Education Program.

“But far from us is the idea of ​​replacing national education with an elected official. I think she already does a lot and can’t do everything. On our side, we are content to suggest accompanying facilities.”

In addition to this offer, there is also a homework help service and a “key boost”, intended more for CP students. Workshops instead of classes, held three evenings a week, for children designated by their teacher. Promoting literacy learning to avoid early school leaving. Other projects are still under development. But will that be enough to make Sens a good student? The answer will probably be in a few years.

Sid Benahmed

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