University: why would closer examination sessions be dangerous?

Is it useful to bring the exam sessions closer together? Not ! It is even a very dangerous reform for young people at university!

At a time when it is difficult to integrate courses as a whole, is it reasonable to bring exam sessions closer together? The answer is no! MCE TV will tell you everything from A to Z.

University: the new calendar that gets people talking

Oh the exams… They have a gift for scaring young people by giving them a fair amount of stress and anxiety. However, they are more than necessary for the development of others, and for confirm learning skills.

This is why many people have been researching this topic. Starting with Pieter Lagrou, professor of history at ULB, who did his research on the smooth running of the exams…

In an article published in Le Soir on September 19, 2002, he confided that he was in favor of creating a new calendar of higher studies. In other words, he wishes rtake the exam at the university.

Several of his colleagues confirmed this project. But according to our colleagues from Le Soir, this reason would be strategic. So we can read the following reason:

“The acceptance expressed by colleagues to this proposal for the reform of compulsory education is therefore explained by the problems they would encounter in their personal lives. And that if their schedules don’t match their children’s…”

But be careful! Know that the university exam calendar was not determined by chance. Indeed, a number of psychologists have explained that it is important for the wellbeing of young people not to bring the controls closer together.

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Why is it dangerous?

The latter need a “rest” phase pfully understand their lessons and remember everythingr. Therefore, it is necessary not to change this calendar in order to properly transmit solid knowledge.

A study by Pieter Lagrou emphasizes that with “ two sessions in a row, the subject is still present in the mind… Whereas if he comes six or eight months later, everything has to be started from scratch. And it is so much time that cannot be invested for others”.

However, according to specialists, it is necessary! It would neglect all the knowledge that young people need to memorize at university. Note that matching controls it can even be very dangerous.

Because if the exams were to follow each other like this, the youth would study tirelessly without even remembering. Therefore, the courses would no longer have the same flavor. They can even become superficial.

Especially for subjects like physics and mathematics, which require more understanding than memorization. There you go! That’s why he has to more time to practice without mistakes.

The promotion of good memorization is therefore very important at the university. That’s why it’s better to forget about rates that are measured in “pages”.

Oh yes! So it has no positive effect in the memory of students. It is better to forget about this method! It is superficial and even very reductive. One thing is certain, Pieter Lagrou’s study is far from unanimous support!

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