Back to school 2022: new students welcomed with fanfare at the University of Caen

Back to school was celebrated at the University of Caen. On September 13 and 15, 2022, students organized a “Campus en fête” event to welcome the new freshmen. For the latter, the transition from high school to university is a big step towards autonomy.

The sun isn’t there, but that doesn’t matter. The big stage is being prepared for the concert and the stands are set up in a semi-circle on the lawn. It’s not a festival, but the beginning of the academic year! More precisely, it is “Campus en fête”, an event organized on September 13 and 15 by the University of Caen (14).

This ceremonial return has a goal to bring students closer to the university, its student life, associations, but also Caen and its cultural life. New arrivals can ask all their questions to the organizations present in the stands: the city, Secours populaire, university libraries, sports department, associations, etc.

Theo, student vice president on the university’s board of trustees, is busy on campus managing final preparations. This white-shirted third-year law student looks back on the creation of “Campus en fête.” “When you enter university, the fear is not having information. That’s why we created this event last year when we got out of incarceration. It’s the first time we don’t have health restrictions, so there are more games and partners,” he says.

Théo, student vice president on the university’s board of trustees. // © Amélie Petitdemange

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“We are not behind”

Laurine, Lyz and Maïana are entering the first year of biological engineering at BUT. Three friends who have recently met decide to go on a trip to “Campus en fête” between two classes. “It’s very cool to introduce associations to us and organize a concert. We don’t stand aside,” testifies Maïana.

Some students can feel really lonely during the first few days. “I come from a mini rural high school, I’ve gotten lost on campus several times,” says Laetitia, also in her first year at BUT. In addition to this event, they will also meet the godfather or godmother during the integration evening.

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Gain autonomy

Nathan, sporting brown curls and a purple T-shirt, has just returned to his first year of STAPS (Physical Activity Science and Technology). The morning was dedicated to the presentation of the card, then the students were divided into classes according to the sports they had chosen.

If they have fewer courses than in high school, lPersonal work will be more important. The pedagogy is also different and leaves more room for practice. “Some teachers prepared us, but not all of us. In high school, we made it through every night without a test,” says the 17-year-old.

Maïana confirms: “The level has nothing to do with high school. We work a lot and have more autonomy“, says the BUT student. Lectures in the amphitheater are not compulsory. “No one is forcing us to work, while we were watched in high school”explains Laetitia.

Yoni, Nathan, Yanis and Romain, all four STAPS L1 students.
Yoni, Nathan, Yanis and Romain, all four STAPS L1 students. // © Amélie Petitdemange

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to work regularly

Yoni, also a STAPS licensee, knows that you need to “motivate yourself”. “I would go to all the lectures. We want our year and we want to have a job when we leave!” he says beside Nathan. To succeed in college, he advises learn good habits from high school. “No, when you get to university, pick up the pace,” warns the 17-year-old.

For Théo, the transition from high school to university strengthens the student. “We are reaching a milestone of maturity. We have to organize ourselves and work regularly,” underlines the third-year student. “It’s also a universe with many people. You are no longer with your friends, you have to step out of your comfort zone to make connections and make new friendsA back-to-school celebration is a great start.

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