Zero-side knowledge forces retailers to redefine the consumer expertise

Asking the right questions to consumers helps build strong relationships. This provides valuable zero-page data for building a connection that encourages your brand choice. Traditionally, retailers do not dare to ask consumers for fear of being excluded. But you shouldn’t think of it that way. Indeed, it is a matter of emphasizing the consideration that … Read more

Google Digital Advertising and marketing Certificates recommends key phrase density percentages

Someone in the SEO community has drawn attention to the part of Google’s new digital marketing training course that recommends writing at least 300 words of content, advised certain areas of the website to set keywords and recommended keyword density for target keywords less than 2% . Some members of the digital marketing community called … Read more

What abilities are advertising and marketing and communication corporations searching for?

What are the key lessons to be learned from your 2nd Observatory of Marketing and Communication Professions? “What comes out of this barometer is skills required by companies during this health crisis. Among them we can list and flexibilityyesinitiativethe ability to integrate into a teamyesinnovation i creativity, which are largely developed by our students during … Read more

Necessary passage for growth

Do digital revolution is largely underway, we must not miss the train to position ourselves in the labor market in the coming months and years. If it is web jobs are on the rise and most students have a digital program in their program, they still have to master and specialize. Social networks through community … Read more

Advertising and marketing and promoting: the battle of knowledge, Advertising and marketing and promoting ?: the battle of knowledge

Dynamism to take advantage of “ Tell him with the perfume: – 25% perfume and care until February 13 in the store or on… “,” three days until the shooting, – 20% supplements­“Psst… We miss you”, “Buy a jersey before stocks last! » Brands are doubling their inventiveness, resources and channels to tickle curiosity, create … Read more

UN calls toddler components makers’ advertising and marketing methods’ immoral ‘

The United Nations has only slandered marketing strategies “immoral” manufacturers of breast milk substitutes. In a report released on Tuesday (February 22nd), the WHO and UNICEF, which have been campaigning for breastfeeding for many years, accuse large companies of failing “The interests of their shareholders before the interests of children and public health”. According to … Read more

Digital pictures, parallel play

Serendipity is defined as “the art of inventing by paying attention to what surprises and imagining a relevant interpretation”. This is exactly what happened to Swiss artist Pascal Grec when he dived into video games. Death Stranding (Kojima Productions and Sony) during the pandemic. Pascal Greco started as a filmmaker and branched out into architectural … Read more