the resignation of Sheryl Sandberg, quantity two on social media

She turned the popular social network into an advertising machine, a symbol of major internet platforms and their ultra-controversial economic model: Sheryl Sandberg, number two at Meta (the new name of the company that owns Facebook), announced her resignation on Wednesday 1 June. “After 14 years I will leave Meta” announced on Facebook the director … Read more

Aave runs Lens, a decentralized social community based mostly on Polygon

On May 18, Aave launched a new protocol for creating a social network called ” Lens Protocol “This is a decentralized NFT-based project running on the Polygon blockchain. The Lens Protocol can run a collection of potential social media applications and services. Although the Lens Protocol seems to challenge centralized social networks like Twitter, it … Read more

Social networks for native companies

After the pandemic, tourist activities are gradually resumed. in that way, local shops they are also concerned and must imperatively increase their presence in order to attract as many people as possible. Whether you are the owner of a teahouse, restaurant or local delicacy … Integrating your online presence will … Read more

Younger Christian girls posing beneath a veil, a pattern on TikTok

They call themselves @ xoxo.nguyen16, @ or even @jesus_nousaimes, and their videos on TikTok sometimes get millions of views. These few pseudonyms are a tree that hides the forest of hundreds of teenage or very young Christian women who are promoting the wearing of the veil on this social network to broadcast short videos … Read more