SpaceX staff fired for overtly criticizing boss Elon Musk

Accustomed to controversy on Twitter with regular virulent, sometimes enigmatic, sometimes offensive messages, the head of SpaceX and Tesla, Elon Musk, is annoying, including his employees. But don’t openly criticize your boss. Several SpaceX employees paid the costs and were simply fired. According to The Verge, a small group of employees at the space research … Read more

Decisive presidential election in Colombia

Two nationalists and “Colombian Trump”. Ahead of Colombia’s second round of presidential elections on Sunday, the coming to power of the left, for the first time in the country’s history, with Gustav Peter’s candidacy, remains uncertain since his sudden arrival in the equation.outsider Rodolfo Hernandez. The seven-year-old, who is often compared to the American populist, … Read more

Vladimir Potanin, Russia’s “king of nickel” spared sanctions

Posted on: 17.06.2022 – 14:49 Vladimir Potanin is one of the richest Russian oligarchs. The “King of Nickel”, as he is called, has the peculiarity of avoiding Western sanctions despite his proximity to the Kremlin. Only Australia and Canada have it on their lists. Part of the explanation lies in the journey of this 61-year-old … Read more