Twitter | Elon Musk is threatening to withdraw his supply as a consequence of lack of sufficient info

(New York) A new twist in the saga of Elon Musk’s takeover of Twitter: an entrepreneur in an official document threatens to withdraw his offer because the social network “actively resists” his requests for information about unwanted and fake orders, which the platform denies. Posted at 09:41 Updated at 13:05. Juliet Michel French media agency … Read more

“France is a world champion, in so-called democratic international locations, of censorship on social networks”

Fabrice Epelboin is a social media expert Fabrice Epelboin is a social media expert, entrepreneur and teacher at Sciences Po. Probably the takeover of Twitter by American billionaire Elon Musk, the dangers of social networks, available brain time, Twitter and Facebook slips, state astroturfing … Deciphering a somewhat icy panorama. Lyon Capitale: What about Elon … Read more

Rogue Ascent VR: rogue-lite on Quest that pushes the boundaries of interplay in VR!

conceptual, Rogue Ascent VR it certainly is. This FPS rogue lite pushes boundaries manual tracking. You can use your palm to open the automatic door dark Vador), use your fingers to imitate the gun and see it appear in the game like this, clench your fists and return your elbows to make the shield appear … Read more