this Swedish custom that forbids youngsters invited to their buddies’ houses to dine on the household desk

Lea Mabilon for AFP Published 2 hours ago, Update 2 hours ago A very common tradition in the years 1970-1980. Getty Images The case began with a simple anecdote, published on the social network Reddit, which provoked thousands of similar testimonies. But this tradition has its origins in the history of the country. In late … Read more

Social isolation is more and more current in France

Published June 13, 2022 Worsened by the Covid-19 crisis, social isolation worries more and more French people. Age, illness, poverty, many factors contribute to this lack of social relations. These connections, however, are crucial for people, both mentally and physically, to the extent that they contribute to the good health of the individual. Social isolation … Read more

▷ 10 e-commerce tendencies in 2022 to trace

Want to create and improve your e-commerce website? Want to know the key trends of e-commerce in 2022? Here are 10 trends to follow carefully… 1. One-time customers, a new challenge for e-merchants The impact of the pandemic on consumers shows a huge shift towards e-commerce. While this is good news for brands, they need … Read more

True from False Junior

In this week’s True of False junior program, 3rd graders at Nicolas Flamel College, in Pontoise in the Oise, are wondering about Elon Musk’s takeover of Twitter, which is far from it. They also question the electronic chips embedded in the brain for remote control of computers and the reality of artificial uteri that would … Read more

Complete evaluation of the European social media market by main key gamers, segmentation of geographical protection, present and future growthFacebook, Instagram, Google, LinkedIn, Twitter

The latest report from the relevant intelligence services published by WMR under the title “Increasing demand and opportunities for the European social media market in 2022.” provides a sorted picture of the European social networking industry by analyzing research and information gathered from a variety of sources that have the potential to help market decision … Read more

Inodesign, betting on elements made in France, advertising and gross sales

02 minutes Nicole Buyse, correspondent from Lille Date 15.11.2021. at 15:00. Competitive or almost faced with Chinese competition, Inodesign, a French manufacturer of electronic products, has been recording an influx of orders and requests from French manufacturers since the onset of the health crisis. It practically doubles its traffic every year. Northern manufacturer of electronic … Read more