what impression on e-commerce, six months later?

The cessation of free movement of goods and customs formalities, the new way of collecting taxes, the departure of the United Kingdom from the European Union disrupted the methods of international e-commerce. The UK left the single market and customs union on 1 January 2021, and the effects of Brexit were immediate. According to the … Read more

Necessary passage for growth

Do digital revolution is largely underway, we must not miss the train to position ourselves in the labor market in the coming months and years. If it is web jobs are on the rise and most students have a digital program in their program, they still have to master and specialize. Social networks through community … Read more

Carrefour and Delipop collaborate on a robotic pedestrian service

Carrefour is expanding its collection network by partnering with Delipop’s technology solution. The first robotic pedestrian drive will be officially in use on October 6. E-commerce faces two problems: high shipping costs and a limited number of pick-up points in the city. Two problems that want to address the solution for robotic pedestrian propulsion developed … Read more

Advertising and marketing and promoting: the battle of knowledge, Advertising and marketing and promoting ?: the battle of knowledge

Dynamism to take advantage of “ Tell him with the perfume: – 25% perfume and care until February 13 in the store or on… “,” three days until the shooting, – 20% supplements­“Psst… We miss you”, “Buy a jersey before stocks last! » Brands are doubling their inventiveness, resources and channels to tickle curiosity, create … Read more

Social networks, these different black holes

The news sometimes highlights funny shortcuts. Objects seemingly unrelated to each other, but relating to profound changes in our societies. Topics that sometimes inspire greatness sometimes relate to our selfish temptations fueled by new technologies. So it is with some of the most interesting details of recent weeks during which for the first time there … Read more

UN calls toddler components makers’ advertising and marketing methods’ immoral ‘

The United Nations has only slandered marketing strategies “immoral” manufacturers of breast milk substitutes. In a report released on Tuesday (February 22nd), the WHO and UNICEF, which have been campaigning for breastfeeding for many years, accuse large companies of failing “The interests of their shareholders before the interests of children and public health”. According to … Read more

5 on-line programs to hone your e-commerce abilities

Ecommerce with Mentor Live The goal of the training is simple: to give you the keys to e-commerce so you can stand out in this ultra-competitive environment. Divided into 7 main steps, the training will teach you to perform in-depth reflection before launching your projects, but also to build your own e-commerce website, attract customers … Read more

Digital pictures, parallel play

Serendipity is defined as “the art of inventing by paying attention to what surprises and imagining a relevant interpretation”. This is exactly what happened to Swiss artist Pascal Grec when he dived into video games. Death Stranding (Kojima Productions and Sony) during the pandemic. Pascal Greco started as a filmmaker and branched out into architectural … Read more