how private information can be utilized to trace unlawful abortions

Searching for a family planning center on Google, chatting with a friend on Facebook… A week after the United States Supreme Court overturned Roe v. Wade, many abortion advocates fear that personal data collected online will not become a tool to track illegal abortions. One digital device is of particular importance: menstrual cycle tracking apps. … Read more

in Congress, Donald Trump’s anger within the mild

No subject or name of witness. The hearing on Tuesday, June 28 seemed mysterious, to say the least. It was not included in the program due to the summer break. But the chairman of the House of Commons inquiry into the attack on the Capitol, Bennie Thompson, ruled that “new news” should be presented to … Read more

Donald Trump tried to get behind the wheel to hitch his supporters

Posted on: 28.06.2022 – 23:55 The commission of inquiry into the January 6, 2021 attack shared explosive testimony on Tuesday. According to a former White House aide, Donald Trump tried to take the wheel of the presidential car from a Secret Service police officer to mingle with his supporters who were marching, some armed, toward … Read more

Trump’s social community has been minimize off

Truth Social’s promotional images signaled the ambition of this new social network. In a fictitious discussion, two users share: “Don’t you remember what it was like on the net in the beginning?” Remember the freedom of speech? », evokes the most experienced of them. “Freedom of speech? What is it?” answers the beginner. Resignations Launched … Read more