Restoration of high-tech merchandise carried out in France, ecologically good

– Article in collaboration with Largo – Problem with our smartphones We all have laptops, smartphones, tablets and a whole host of electronic items in our homes that we forget even exist because they are an integral part of our daily lives. But do you know what each of these devices is made of? Do … Read more

And if the agency from right here gave one of the best enhance?

VĂ©ronique Lacroix, Director of the Center for Integration and Expertise in User Experience Technology (Photo: courtesy) MARKETING. Since the advent of digital marketing in the 2000s, several Quebec companies have managed to establish themselves in a market dominated by American applications. The new generation is now trying to find its place, in a context where … Read more

Take advantage of your advertising information

(Photo: 123RF) MARKETING. It will soon no longer be possible to use third-party cookies from Facebook and Google for “retargeting ads”, ie presenting ultra-targeted ads to the user based on search history. Deprived of practices that many describe as “intrusive”, companies will have to redouble their efforts to develop and improve their own customer databases. … Read more

“search engine marketing on the daybreak of a brand new period” Olivier Frater (Orixa Media)

If there was obviously a precedent in the evolution of SEO, 2015 marked a turning point in the practice of natural referencing, initiated by Google and Yandex, whose promise was that they would no longer simply offer search results to the user, but bring him the right answers. like a personal assistant or butler. So … Read more

the resignation of Sheryl Sandberg, quantity two on social media

She turned the popular social network into an advertising machine, a symbol of major internet platforms and their ultra-controversial economic model: Sheryl Sandberg, number two at Meta (the new name of the company that owns Facebook), announced her resignation on Wednesday 1 June. “After 14 years I will leave Meta” announced on Facebook the director … Read more