In Avignon, the prefecture erases an anti-Semitic fresco depicting Emanuel Macron as Pinocchio

After a heated controversy and against the opinion of the socialist mayor of the Pope, who, in the name of respecting freedom of expression, wanted to keep it, the graffiti, signed by a certain Lekto, disappeared from the parking lot in Italy where it was painted. The case may not stop there. A street art … Read more

“Laura’s Query” to Emmanuel Macron, an argument rampant on social media

Lea Mabilon Published yesterday at 19:14, Update 7 hours ago The President of the Republic, Emanuel Macron, was arrested by a high school student during a visit to Tarn. (France, June 9, 2022) Getty Images “Why do you put men accused of rape at the head of the state?” This question, which the high school … Read more