these harmful movies that appeared on TikTok explaining how you can get an abortion your self

Since the Supreme Court abolished the right to abortion on Friday, June 24, home abortion tutorials continue to flourish on social networks. Videos that highlight ineffective or even dangerous methods. Papaya seeds, wormwood tea, cinnamon… These are the ingredients recommended in some TikTok videos for home abortion. Since the Supreme Court struck down the right … Read more

Meta, Uber, Starbucks … American firms comply with pay the journey bills of their staff for abortion

Following the Supreme Court’s decision on Friday, which called into question the right to abortion across the Atlantic, several groups sided with their employees, promising to cover their travel expenses in the event of abortion. It was a decision that left America and neighboring continents in shock. On Friday, June 24, the Supreme Court overturned … Read more

BeReal, a small software that wishes to place an finish to the dictatorship of a superbly easy life on the web

There is a desire to reconnect with more sincerity and shatter the image of the idealized self represented by Instagram. Unlike ultra clean feeds, BeReal is a new network no filters, hits. A real aspiration to stick to reality with truth or a new way of staging? It’s like in a movie John of Floret, … Read more

In Avignon, the prefecture erases an anti-Semitic fresco depicting Emanuel Macron as Pinocchio

After a heated controversy and against the opinion of the socialist mayor of the Pope, who, in the name of respecting freedom of expression, wanted to keep it, the graffiti, signed by a certain Lekto, disappeared from the parking lot in Italy where it was painted. The case may not stop there. A street art … Read more

Musk stays unclear about his intentions with Twitter staff

The billionaire exchanged video conference with employees of the social network, worried about his project for the company he plans to buy for 44 billion dollars. Elon Musk, who spoke to employees on Twitter for the first time on Thursday, assured that he was targeting a billion users on the social network, but remained unclear … Read more

The social community TikTok pronounces the suspension of the creation of recent movies in Russia

The law on “misleading information” adopted in Russia will no longer allow the social network to allow its users to publish new content. The social network TikTok announced on Sunday, March 6, that it is suspending the possibility of posting new videos on its platform in Russia, due to a new law that punishes the … Read more

WhatsApp stays the “most used” in Morocco

Between 2021 and 2022, daily Facebook usage increased from 61% to 87%. Meanwhile, Instagram is increasing from 28% of daily usage in 2021 to 67% in 2022, while TikTok claims to be the biggest evolution, from 8% of daily usage in 2021 to 64% in 2022. In addition, Twitter, Snapchat and LinkedIn, which are used … Read more

this Swedish custom that forbids youngsters invited to their buddies’ houses to dine on the household desk

Lea Mabilon for AFP Published 2 hours ago, Update 2 hours ago A very common tradition in the years 1970-1980. Getty Images The case began with a simple anecdote, published on the social network Reddit, which provoked thousands of similar testimonies. But this tradition has its origins in the history of the country. In late … Read more

“Laura’s Query” to Emmanuel Macron, an argument rampant on social media

Lea Mabilon Published yesterday at 19:14, Update 7 hours ago The President of the Republic, Emanuel Macron, was arrested by a high school student during a visit to Tarn. (France, June 9, 2022) Getty Images “Why do you put men accused of rape at the head of the state?” This question, which the high school … Read more

Donald Trump is launching his personal social community referred to as Fact Social

Impatient users will be able to test the platform from November, others will have to wait until the beginning of 2022. Nine months after being kicked out of social media, Donald Trump wants revenge. The billionaire yesterday announced the launch of his own sober platform called Truth Social, the network of truth. Read alsoTwitter has … Read more