these harmful movies that appeared on TikTok explaining how you can get an abortion your self

Since the Supreme Court abolished the right to abortion on Friday, June 24, home abortion tutorials continue to flourish on social networks. Videos that highlight ineffective or even dangerous methods. Papaya seeds, wormwood tea, cinnamon… These are the ingredients recommended in some TikTok videos for home abortion. Since the Supreme Court struck down the right … Read more

this Swedish custom that forbids youngsters invited to their buddies’ houses to dine on the household desk

Lea Mabilon for AFP Published 2 hours ago, Update 2 hours ago A very common tradition in the years 1970-1980. Getty Images The case began with a simple anecdote, published on the social network Reddit, which provoked thousands of similar testimonies. But this tradition has its origins in the history of the country. In late … Read more

“Laura’s Query” to Emmanuel Macron, an argument rampant on social media

Lea Mabilon Published yesterday at 19:14, Update 7 hours ago The President of the Republic, Emanuel Macron, was arrested by a high school student during a visit to Tarn. (France, June 9, 2022) Getty Images “Why do you put men accused of rape at the head of the state?” This question, which the high school … Read more