these harmful movies that appeared on TikTok explaining how you can get an abortion your self

Since the Supreme Court abolished the right to abortion on Friday, June 24, home abortion tutorials continue to flourish on social networks. Videos that highlight ineffective or even dangerous methods. Papaya seeds, wormwood tea, cinnamon… These are the ingredients recommended in some TikTok videos for home abortion. Since the Supreme Court struck down the right … Read more

Tiktok’s new magnificence development: douyin blush

News Published on 28.06.2022 at 17:20,, Reading 2 min. Long condemned, it seems that the blush is returning strongly to social networks, and TikTok is in the lead. Born in China, the latest trick is to apply blush to strategic areas for the natural effect of “sunburn” – and less harmful to the skin. It’s … Read more

The social community TikTok pronounces the suspension of the creation of recent movies in Russia

The law on “misleading information” adopted in Russia will no longer allow the social network to allow its users to publish new content. The social network TikTok announced on Sunday, March 6, that it is suspending the possibility of posting new videos on its platform in Russia, due to a new law that punishes the … Read more

In Kenya, TikTok is spreading misinformation because the presidential election approaches

Posted on: 06/10/2022 – 19:25 TikTok facilitates the spread of hate and disinformation content in Kenya, two months before the presidential election, according to a report by the Mozilla Foundation released on Thursday. This is the first time to analyze the role of a well-known social network of Chinese origin in the political debate in … Read more