Musk stays unclear about his intentions with Twitter staff

The billionaire exchanged video conference with employees of the social network, worried about his project for the company he plans to buy for 44 billion dollars. Elon Musk, who spoke to employees on Twitter for the first time on Thursday, assured that he was targeting a billion users on the social network, but remained unclear … Read more

Donald Trump is launching his personal social community referred to as Fact Social

Impatient users will be able to test the platform from November, others will have to wait until the beginning of 2022. Nine months after being kicked out of social media, Donald Trump wants revenge. The billionaire yesterday announced the launch of his own sober platform called Truth Social, the network of truth. Read alsoTwitter has … Read more

Definition Social Community – Social Networks – Neighborhood Community

Definition of social network: In the field of technology, a social network consists of a service that allows different people to come together to create an exchange on a particular topic or not. In a way, the social network finds its origin in forums, discussion groups and chat rooms that are introduced from the first … Read more

“The worldwide agora launched by Fb or Twitter is at midnight”

FIGAROVOX / MAINTENANCE – After his expulsion from major social networks, Donald Trump launched his own platform called Truth Social. For researcher Laurent Gayard, this network may be an alternative to traditional platforms, with the risk of prolonging the opinion bubble. Laurent Gayard is a professor of history and political science, author Darknet. GAFA. Bitcoin. … Read more